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OH HELL YEAH!! Some rivalries NEVER die as @steveaustinBSR STUNS @VinceMcMahon AND @ShaneMcMahon!!!! #RAW25
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Uhhhhhh. Yeah. We know.
AT&T: We are giving all our workers a $1K bonus!

TRUMP: See, I told you, my corporate tax cut is working!!!

[3 days later]

AT&T: Oh yeah, and we are also laying off 1,000+ workers. And probably a lot more next year

TRUMP: [Out golfing]
Yeah I'm EMO who fucking cares
Yeah my fans are passionate and maybe a little crazy. But they are my kinda crazy. #beliebers go hard. Love u
Yeah I'm in a group for guys and me yeah were pretty good and we call ourselves 1d ,
how do you say 'fuck yeah' in upside-down i need to tell australia how proud i am 🏳️‍🌈
As then-AG Lynch announced she'll accept whatever FBI recommends on charges in Hillary email probe, FBI insider Page texted her alleged boyfriend, FBI official Strzok: "And yeah, it’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought."
Rand Paul, who said he would have opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, has decided to become Donald Trump's character witness on racism. Yeah, everything is fine now.
Lots of people saying they don't want wwa tour to end but I think... yeah u do there may b something else lined up
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