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“No one wants to talk to me any more, everyone’s afraid of me now.” What a top CEO told Yale careers director Abigail Kies when she was a fresh MBA graduate - and why you shouldn't be shy of aiming high when you ask for advice.

"Mnuchin has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University, where William Nordhaus teaches. Nordhaus, who recently won a Nobel Prize for his work on climate economics...champions a view that the social cost of carbon is about $36 per ton"

“Last year I taught a journalism course at Yale. My students were talented and hardworking, but I kept running into a problem: They always wanted to write from a position of moral certainty.”

After taking a battery of cognitive tests, 18 members of Yale New Haven Hospital’s medical staff who were age 70 or older retired because their results showed they would have problems in performing their jobs. @YNHH 

57-year-old US treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, who got an economics degree at Yale and worked for Goldman Sachs, tells 17-year-old Greta Thunberg she needs to learn economics before lecturing about disinvesting from fossil fuels #Reuters  davos #WEF20 

Yale exhibit depicts the horrifying aftermath of a black man’s lynching

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Dream: I was accepted to Yale law school. People asked why I was going to law school again. I said "because if I go to Yale, Chaim Bloom will hire me to help run the Red Sox." I just looked and he did go to Yale. I'm pretty sure I didn't know that consciously.

@MMDA  . says private & public utility vehicles will be diverted to take the ff routes: vehicles going to Manila must turn right to Yale Street or Oxford Street, turn right to Columbia Street, turn left to Imperial or West Point Street then back to Aurora Blvd. @MB_InaHernando |


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Do Hong Kong's citizens want protests to continue, despite the turmoil? Longtime activist (and Yale student) @nathanlawkc  says yes. You can see our full conversation on GPS, @ 10am/1pm ET Sunday on @CNN 

Congressman Ron DeSantis, a top student at Yale and Harvard Law School, is running for Governor of the Great State of Florida. Ron is strong on Borders, tough on Crime & big on Cutting Taxes - Loves our Military & our Vets. He will be a Great Governor & has my full Endorsement!

Congressman Ron DeSantis is a brilliant young leader, Yale and then Harvard Law, who would make a GREAT Governor of Florida. He loves our Country and is a true FIGHTER!

In Florida there is a choice between a Harvard/Yale educated man named who has been a great Congressman and will be a great Governor - and a Dem who is a thief and who is Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee, said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the Country!

The WH didn't permit the FBI to investigate the dishonest testimony of Kavanaugh. They didn't interview: —Former FBI agent who administered the polygraph —Dr. Ford’s husband & friends she told —Kavanaugh’s Yale roommate —Dr. Ford —Kavanaugh This wasn't a search for the truth.

Ron DeSantis is working hard. A great Congressman and top student at Harvard & Yale, Ron will be a record setting governor for Florida. Rick Scott gave him tremendous foundations to further build on. His opponent runs one of the worst & most corrupt cities in USA!

Kavanaugh even lied about his connections to Yale: “I have no connections there. I got there by busting my tail.” See this yearbook. He was legacy; his grandfather went there. What pathetic perjury.

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A Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s, Lynne Brookes, just told that Kavanaugh was “blatantly lying” about his drinking in college. Btw, she says she is a Republican.

Stacey Abrams has more experience in elected office—more than 17 years—than does Brian Kemp (nearly 13). She is vastly better educated (Yale JD vs his bachelor’s). Trump’s assertion that she is “totally unqualified” may have been made flippantly, but we should correct him.