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The Siberian Times
it s 21c in yakutia sunny we expect showers of diamond platinum and gold plane loses its 368 million cargo gem
It's -21C in Yakutia, sunny, we expect showers of diamond, platinum and gold... Plane loses its $368 million cargo; gems and precious metals rain over Russia’s coldest region as police and secret services stage emergency search
The Siberian Times
still snarling after 40000 years a giant pleistocene wolf discovered in yakutia sensational find of head of th
Still snarling after 40,000 years, a giant Pleistocene wolf discovered in Yakutia.
Sensational find of head of the beast with its brain intact, preserved since prehistoric times in permafrost.
The Siberian Times
as temperatures sink to 60c in yakutia heroic chinese tourists take a swim amazing scenes as russias iciest re
As temperatures sink to -60C in Yakutia, heroic Chinese tourists take a swim!
Amazing scenes as Russia’s iciest region of Yakutia plunges to near record lows, and even the thermometer in the world’s coldest village breaks down
Fatima Tlis
when you think no news from russia can surprise you anymore a cargo plane looses a hatch lands in yakutia and
When you think no news from Russia can surprise you anymore, a cargo plane looses a hatch, lands in Yakutia and 9 tons of gold fall out of the plane. No word on whose gold, where to/from and why it was being transported.
The Siberian Times
perfectly preserved ancient foal is shown to the world for the first time scientists presented unique discover
Perfectly-preserved ancient foal is shown to the world for the first time. Scientists presented unique discovery made inside the Batagai crater in Yakutia
The Siberian Times
because siberia july 2019 days in oymyakon yakutia the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world t
Because Siberia... July 2019 days in Oymyakon, Yakutia, the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world. The lowest air temperature ever recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2C
max seddon
9 tons of gold diamonds and platinum scattered across the runway in yakutia after cargo planes door breaks off
9 tons of gold, diamonds, and platinum scattered across the runway in Yakutia after cargo plane’s door breaks off. Evidently and I should have stuck around a few more days
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