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A hedge fund manager on Wall Street told me he was pleasantly surprised to see his pay go up $10,000 a week. He said that will more than cover the cost of his yacht club membership. 🛥#ThanksPaulRyan
1. Florida Congressman votes for massive tax cut for the rich on November 16, 2017

2. The bill saves him over $2 million on his taxes

3. THE SAME DAY he buys himself a multi-million dollar yacht
Black yacht with wood detailing
DB's weren't on the yacht. Just a lil FYI
JUST IN: GOP lawmaker bought multi-million dollar yacht on the same day he voted for GOP tax bill
Coming to a Dem campaign ad in 3..2..: The Republican congressman who bought a yacht the day the House passed the tax cuts.
Time to hear about everyone’s vacation. Went somewhere warm. Got a tan. Hung out on a yacht w/ @KendallJenner & @Harry_Styles Blah blah blah
Fifty elected representatives want you to buy scratch cards to buy a yacht for a woman worth about half a billion quid. I’m running out of words. Might just play records in 2018.
JUST IN: Billionaire Russian oligarch docks yacht near Mar-a-Lago ahead of Trump visit
Took the yacht out today
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