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I said yes! Well technically I said “NO WAY” twice but I meant yes
The Court: The President said he didn’t need to declare an emergency, did he not?

Counsel: Correct.

The Court: And that he just did so because he wanted it done faster?

Counsel: Yes, your honor.

The Court: How on earth is that an emergency?

Counsel: Hasn’t your time expired?
If we get 1,000,000 RTs, we'll lick the foul pole.

No, we're not warm yet.
Yes, we will do it.
one thing i will say. or two. i notice alot of people say " i love this stuff but i couldnt pull it off". yes u can where is ur confidence nigga how u already doubting yourself without trying man throw it on and figure it out if you really like it mannnn
The dastardly attack in Pulwama has anguished the nation.

Yes, this is a time of great sadness.

But, I assure every family that a befitting reply will be given!
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Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird
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Yes.Don't let the papers or online stuff tell you we're not coming back.. We are , I'm just going on a long holiday
Mitch McConnell calls #HR1 a "power grab" because it would:
1) Begin to overturn Citizens United.
2) Establish Automatic Voter Registration.
3) Bolster anti-bribery laws.
4) Protect the Voting Rights Act.

Yes. It's a "power grab" -- grabbing power back for the people.
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