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Xiyue Wang, a Princeton Ph.D. student, spent 3 years in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons. In a dim basement cell he learned Russian and French, continued his research on the Qajar dynasty, and began writing creatively.

Xiyue Wang, a Princeton grad student, was just released after spending three years in prison in Iran, where he was arrested while conducting research for his dissertation. With help from a network of friends, and colleagues, he never stopped studying.

Xiyue Wang, American grad student imprisoned by Iran for 3.5 years, calls for freeing of political hostages. He was freed in prisoner exchange with US this month. Here, he is reunited w/ wife Hua Qu and son Shaofan, age 6. Iran still holds 4 US hostages.

Xiyue Wang, a Princeton grad student, was just released after spending three years in prison in Iran, where he was arrested while conducting research for his dissertation. With help of friends, colleagues, and volunteers, he never stopped studying.

A happy but tempered closure for Xiyue Wang of Princeton, unjustly held in Iran for more than 3 years after he had been given permission to look at public 19th century archives there for his thesis. @ewong 

Iran released Xiyue Wang, arrested for espionage, while the United States released Iranian Massoud Soleimani accused of violating U.S. sanctions against Tehran.

While we celebrate Xiyue Wang’s release and hope for freedom for the others very soon, we must change the calculations for the Iranian and other regimes that practice state-sponsored hostage taking, @jrezaian  writes

Saturday marked the end of the traumatic saga of Xiyue Wang, an American student in the fourth year of a ten-year prison sentence in Iran on two charges of espionage.

Iran's release of a Chinese-American graduate student Xiyue Wang signals the possibility that the regime may be willing to negotiate, at the very least, to release additional hostages — and perhaps on even larger issues, like nuclear arms (via ) @CNNOpinion 


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Iran's foreign minister says a detained Princeton graduate student will be exchange for an Iranian scientist held by the U.S. The trade involves graduate student Xiyue Wang and scientist Massoud Soleimani.

Great news: U.S. graduate student Xiyue Wang has been released from Iranian custody, and two weeks ago the Taliban released American Kevin King. These are very positive developments. My thanks to everyone involved in these efforts.

Iranian scientist Massoud Soleimani and US researcher Xiyue Wang were released from detention after Swiss mediation

Family of Robert Levinson, held for nearly 13 years in Iran, says they are happy about release of American student Xiyue Wang in prisoner exchange, but can't help feeling "extremely disappointed" that their husband and father continues to be imprisoned.

Iran has imprisoned Xiyue Wang, a Princeton graduate student, for three years. His case deserves widespread public support, writes @Teresa_HDavis 

Xiyue Wang, an academic who was arrested while conducting research in Tehran, is one of at least five Americans currently detained or missing in Iran.

. speech (5/5): Robert Levinson, whose family I met last week, went missing in Iran over 11 years ago. Siamak Namazi & Xiyue Wang are wrongfully detained in Iran. This shameful & barbaric practice must end, & Iran must return our Americans & other innocent civilians at once.

.: The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has now concluded that the Government of has no legal ba #Iranis  for the arrest and detention of University graduate student Xiyue Wang.

The United Nations and a Middle East scholars association have called on Iran to release Xiyue Wang, an American graduate student at Princeton who was seized in 2016 while doing academic research that the Iranians had permitted.

Iran accused US graduate student Xiyue Wang of gathering confidential articles, sentenced him to 10 years in prison

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