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Xinhua Headlines: Climate change as common global challenge needs multilateral efforts -- As "the point of no return" is hurtling towards us, it's #TimeForAction  to address climate change, a major platform for multilateralism #COP25 

#DailyWorldBriefing on Dec. 6: 1. Pelosi greenlights drafting articles of impeachment 2. Nationwide strike challenging Macron's pension reform 3. Xinhua Headlines: London Summit exposes discords within NATO

China To Implement Tariff Waivers For Some Purchases Of Soybeans, Pork From US - Xinhua

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China To Implement Tariff Waivers For Some Purchases Of Soybeans, Pork From US - Xinhua

CGTN Think Tank launched in Beijing - Xinhua will it impinge on the Center for China and Globalization's ubiquitousness at foreign events and in foreign media?

China to implement tariff waivers for some purchases of soybeans, pork from US - Xinhua By @HareshMenghani  #China  #TradeWar  #RiskAppetite 

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets foreign attendees to Imperial Springs Int'l Forum. Check out this special edition on the official app of Xinhua to see #WhatPresidentXiSays 

Xinhua Headlines: London Summit exposes differences, discords within NATO -- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)'s 70th birthday summit came to a "crash, bang, wallop" end Wednesday in London, with U.S. President Donald Trump leaving early

Swiss hotels overnight stays up by 2.4 pct in summer season - Xinhua | - Xinhua


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Xinhua's first English#AI  anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday

World's first #AI  news anchor debuts, jointly developed by Xinhua and Chinese search engine company .

Xinhua's male #AI  anchor can now broadcast news in a standing position, with more body language

Xinhua unveils world's first female #AI  news anchor

Facebook is failing democracy in America and in Hong Kong, where it will continue to run Chinese Communist Party-bought propaganda from agencies like Xinhua. More labeling helps, but isn’t enough. State-controlled ads need to be banned on Facebook. #StandWithHongKong 

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Kris Wu makes history as the first Chinese artist to perform at the #SuperBowl  (video via Xinhua)

Xinhua exclusive photos taken in Beijing bring you a once-in-a-blue-moon view! (Photos by Jiang Yan) #supermoon 

BREAKING: China's official Xinhua News Agency says a magnitude-3.4 earthquake has been detected in North Korea.

#BREAKING M 5.8 earthquake hits SE South Korea, biggest ever in the country's history, says Yonhap (Xinhua)

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China decides to end decades-long one-child policy, Xinhua news agency reports