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Xerox believes its proposed HP takeover would create as much as $1.5 billion in potential revenue growth

Xerox seeks to woo HP investors with $1.5 billion sales growth target

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Xerox appeals to HP shareholders to back buyout offer by @natalienoell 

Xerox pitches up to $1.5B revenue growth to HP investors as proxy fight heats up

Xerox pitches up to $1.5B revenue growth to HP investors as proxy fight heats up via @SiliconANGLE  #Xerox  #HP 

Xerox woos HP stock owners with talk of layoffs, selloffs and cash payouts post merger

Xerox expects revenue growth of up to $1.5 billion with HP takeover

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The Rescuers Down Under swung into theaters on this date in 1990! Although the animation itself was done by hand, this film marks the first time computer technology took the place of the Xerox process and hand-painted cels for an entire Disney animated feature film.

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Stop using 'Xerox' when you mean 'copy', Japanese firm tells public in Philippines

In 1980, Ursula Burns joined Xerox as a summer intern, worked her way up, and was named CEO in 2009. #BlackHistoryMonth 

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Howard Schultz... *Grew up in a Brooklyn housing project *Was the first in his family to go to college *Sold copiers for Xerox *Then he founded Starbucks AOC asks why billionaires like him don't have to 'work their way up' (spelling corrected)  

halloween, 2014 i got more candy than ur whole team u weigh ur candy on a triple beam my candy weighs more than a xerox machine

In 1959, the first commercially successful document copier, the Xerox 914, went on sale. It came with a small fire extinguisher as the machine had a tendency to catch fire.

In NH we are at the threshold. We gave about 450 pages of xerox of documents in Congi possession.They have to admit or deny. Next is trial

We don't make copiers anymore. Meet the new Xerox:

Xerox’s Ursula Burns is the only black woman running an S&P 500 company—and she’s stepping down

#WhenIWasYourAge: Before Xerox copiers, we all got high in elementary school by smelling mimeograph ink.