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Timo Werner has been directly involved in 101 goals in 122 Bundesliga appearances for RB Leipzig (75 goals & 26 assists) and he might finally be moving on. @harryedwards16  crafts some XIs'>Timo-inspired Chelsea XIs.

Did you know: Virat Kohli has fielded 51 different XIs in his 55 Tests as captain 😮 Which captain has fielded the same team most often? That and more XI stats here 👉

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Chris Patten: The West should not be browbeaten into embarrassed silence in the face of China’s violation of its obligations regarding Hong Kong, a city that exemplifies many of the values that Xi’s CPC wants to bury.

Xi’s meeting with EU leaders in Germany postponed due to coronavirus

If the Australian team plays a T20 match and Test on the same day, can you pick two XIs from the squad? Greg Chappell, Mike Hussey, and Brad Hodge have a go!

"Adhere to bottom-line thinking; prevent and resolve major risks—this is the bugle horn of battle General Secretary Xi Jinping” This by Melanie Hart and @TheJordanLink  is excellent on background to Xi’s COVID-crisis management.

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Skeptical boomers v. Xi’s consumerist cultural revolutionaries: This report on inter-generational tension in China by @LiYuan6  is fascinating!

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The XIs are in for the fourth Test of the 92-93 series between Australia and the West Indies. Play to begin in a few minutes: #AUSvWI93 

The two teams for today's epic match! Look at those XIs 👀 ️⚽️ Wales v Brazil (1991) 📺 @BBCOne  Wales - 1.15pm 📱 Or follow live here 👉 #WALBRA91 


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History will say Xi’s aggressiveness backfired & inflicted tremendous damage on #China  globally -mass detention of #Uyghurs  -trapping developing countries in debt #Coronavirus  coverups -coercive diplomacy by “Wolf Warrior Diplomats” is creating growing international resentment

HAPPENING NOW: After leaked #XinjiangPapers  exposed Chairman Xi’s oppressive campaign against #Uyghurs  & other Muslim minorities,in a few minutes the House will be voting to pass an amended version of my bill that holds those involved in crimes in #Xinjiang  accountable.

@HudsonInstitute  It’s the protestors in HK, the journalists risking their lives & safety to shine a light on injustice, the Uyghurs fighting back bravely in the face of suffering, the politicians questioning Xi’s leadership, the brave health workers who tried to warn us about the Coronavirus.

My take on upheaval in Hong Kong and the threatening rise of of Xi’s China: via @NYTOpinion 

TEAM NEWS // #CROENG  Here are the XIs'>Starting XIs for tonight's semi-final... #WorldCup 

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Mesut Ozil, the World Cup winner and 5 time German player of the year who got into none of the combined XIs'>North London XIs, goes off to a standing ovation.