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Millions AND billions! This enormous galaxy cluster, seen by @NASA_Hubble, contains the mass of a staggering 3 million billion suns! Nicknamed “El Gordo”, it is the largest, hottest & brightest X-ray galaxy ever discovered in the distant Universe:
I appreciate all of the support from everyone. A medical update: final report indicates six broken ribs & new X-ray shows a pleural effusion
For the 1st time ever, we demonstrated fully autonomous X-ray navigation in space! Similar to how we use GPS on Earth, this method could revolutionize our ability to pilot robotic spacecraft to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond! Details:
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After emerging from the X-ray room for another look at his injured ribs moments ago, Eagles’ QB Nick Foles told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio: “They were just checking. I’m good. I’m good.”
Nurse challenges @AssemblyDems to fight for #SinglePayer, #SB562:

"MRI doesn't cost $2,500. X-ray doesn't cost $500.

We've allowed insurance companies to bill whatever they want... it's the role of government to regulate this.

CA can set the standard for universal healthcare"
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I got X-ray vision.
Lowry being wheeled out for tests. He just yelled "x-ray on my ass."
A galaxy 10.7 billion light years away was detected when x-ray flashes became 1,000 brighter & suddenly disappeared:
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X-RAY: Penguins have knees.
3 months
Melted medication. Malfunctioning X-ray machines. "The reality here is post-apocalyptic," doctor in Puerto Rico says
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