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Some 472 members of the medical assistance team from Shanghai will leave Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan on Monday after the last group of #COVID19  patients they’ve been treating have been discharged from the makeshift hospital.

Farewell, Wuhan! Farewell, Leishenshan Hospital! Liu Chenxi, a doctor sent from northeast China's Dalian to aid Wuhan's #coronavirus  battle, is heading home after working on the front line for 52 days #COVID19 

Live: Wuhan’s Leishenshan Hospital races against time to save more patients from #coronavirus  pandemic #COVID19 

Wuhan's Leishenshan Hospital clears #COVID19  patients in 10 wards So far, this hospital has accepted and treated 2,006 patients and 210 are still receiving treatment.


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Live: Over 1,000 #COVID19  patients in severe conditions discharged from Wuhan's Leishenshan Hospital

LIVE: Leishenshan Hospital, a special hospital to treat patients infected with a novel #coronavirus , is under construction in Wuhan. It's expected to start receiving patients later this week #pneumonia 

LIVE: The 2nd SARS treatment-model hospital is to be put into use in Wuhan. The Leishenshan Hospital is expected to accommodate 1,600 beds. #coronavirus 

Timelapse video shows the construction of makeshift hospital Leishenshan for #coronavirus  patients in Wuhan. 55% of the construction is completed. The hospital is expected to receive patients on Feb 6.

Live: Join CGTN for an aerial view of Wuhan's Leishenshan prehab hospital #coronavirus 

LIVE: A SARS-treatment model makeshift hospital, Leishenshan Hospital, is under construction in Wuhan, China to accommodate patients affected by a novel #coronavirus . The hospital is expected to be put into use in about a week. #pneumonia