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This week’s Radio 4 Appeal is on behalf of The Virtual Doctors which is a telemedicine charity, providing vital information by phone from doctors to healthcare workers in rural Zambia and Malawi. The appeal is made by broadcaster @simonmayo .

'Fake it till you make it' attitude may backfire with co-workers: Study

'We are not miracle workers': bushfires worsen already grim future for koalas via @smh 

An investigation has been launched after dozens of memorial benches were "regrettably" burned by council workers.

The UK’s precarious workers unite under new banners. Cleaner, couriers and security guards are flocking to grassroots unions which are notching up some notable successes. “It’s showing people they can do things at work. They become powerful examples”

Uber is pushing into the staffing industry with its platform that connects temp workers with businesses

As global video game spending marked a new high in 2019 at $109 billion, per Nielsen's SuperData division, calls to unionize the burgeoning industry's workers have shifted into high gear

Community platform for migrant workers in Hong Kong aims to fill gaps in existing support – starting with the hunt for a missing mother

Friends and co-workers of 35-year-old Terence Williams gathered outside of Biggs Barber Shop in Hampton where they lit candles and consoled one another, Saturday night.​

Use amelioration funds for sugar workers victimized by Taal eruption — UMA


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For those who have forgotten the past 40 years: Tax cuts for the rich ...don’t trickle down Slashing regulations ...doesn’t create jobs Restricting immigration ...doesn’t help workersPreemptive military strikes ...don’t bring peace Folks, we’ve seen this all before.

AT&T is laying off thousands of workers at the beginning of the year without severance pay. Instead, the employees will have to train their foreign replacements. At the same time, the company saved $3B thanks to Trump's tax cuts. Trickle down economics is a cruel joke.

Today I opened a major Apple Manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America. Today Nancy Pelosi closed Congress because she doesn’t care about Workers'>American Workers!

Jeff Bezos' D.C. mansion will have: — 2 elevators — 25 bathrooms — 1,006 light fixtures — A full movie theater Amazon's Whole Foods cut health benefits for part-time workers less than 2 months ago. Tax the rich.

BREAKING: The Department of Labor just proposed a rule that aims to let government contractors fire workers who are LGBTQ, or who are pregnant and unmarried, based on the employers’ religious views. This is taxpayer-funded discrimination in the name of religion. Period.

Quit calling human beings "illegal aliens". They're people. They're our friends, neighbors and co-workers. They're dreamers & lovers

As a NHS cancer specialist, it’s my #publicduty  to inform the public that the #NHS  cannot withstand another five years of the Tories. We are at breaking point. So are teachers, social workers, the police, prison officers, carers.... #generalelection2019 

As President, Lula has done more than anyone to lower poverty in Brazil and to stand up for workers. I am delighted that he has been released from jail, something that never should have happened in the first place.

A historic mistake. The world is moving forward together on climate change. Paris withdrawal leaves Americanworkers & families behind.

Let me get this straight: Sears has $25 million laying around to pay out executives who ran the company into the ground, but doesn't have any money to give the thousands of workers they laid off severance pay?