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These are the heroes and pioneers of Black women's suffrage #WomensEqualityDay 

I hope these women inspire you as much as they inspire me. #WomensEqualityDay 

We've come a long way, but there's still more to do to make sure women are truly treated equally. #WomensEqualityDay 

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Too many women still earn less than men on the job—and women of color often lose out the most. This needs to change. #WomensEqualityDay 

Today in 1920, the 19th Amdt was adopted. We must pledge to increase the number of women in office. #WomensEqualityDay 

On #WomensEqualityDay , I’m remembering the wise words of my mother: “you may be the first to do many things. Make sure you’re not the last.”

"human rights are women’s rights & women’s rights are human rights." - @HillaryClinton  #WomensEqualityDay  ??????????

We've made our union more perfect because people refused to be kept on the sidelines. Onward. #WomensEqualityDay