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After @Alyssa_Milano  praised @BernieSanders  and shared what she loved about him and why she was all in for him in 2016 and how she hopes his brilliant plans come to fruition while wishing him love and light and ALL good things, what happened to her mentions?

Today we're wishing a very happy birthday to Teddy Sheringham! 🥳 🎥 Here's eight minutes and eight seconds of every goal that he scored for the Club.

Join us in wishing@pskills43  of the @Raptors  a HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY! #NBABDAY  #WeTheNorth 

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Wishing@iamcardib  a speedy recovery ❤️ Hope you are feeling better girl!

A score of 136 saw him claim a spot on the Lord's Honours Boards ✍️ 🎂 Wishing@MClarke23  a very happy birthday. #LoveLords 

Firefighter Andrew Alefounder (known as Alf) attended his final roll call with Homerton Red Watch after 30 years of service with the Brigade. Andrew said that he will miss his colleagues and the job. Thank you Andrew, wishing you a long and happy retirement

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Reminder for U.S. Citizens: There is an @EGYPTAIR  flight to Washington DC tomorrow, April 3, and another on Sunday, April 5. The Embassy cannot guarantee the availability of future flights. U.S. citizens wishing to depart Egypt should try and book seats immediately. @TravelGov 

LK top watch . Red to green . Wishing everyone a fantastic day 😉

Elizabeth Scott: “The sun will rise tomorrow. It always does, and all the wishing in the world for the way things were, or for what they could have been, won't change that. It won't change how things are.” #NationalPoetryMonth  & @LisaGray_HouTX  essay

#Malaysia : Very limited commercial flights remain for US citizens wishing to depart Malaysia. Flight schedules likely to change with little advance notice. Commercial flight options likely to become increasingly limited. See flights departing Kuala Lumpur:

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It’s not enough to pray for peace of mind, we have to examine what’s disturbing us and eliminate it. In the same way, just wishing to be well won’t cure physical illness; you have to adopt the preventive measures and take the prescribed medicine.

wasted so much time wishing i was good enough 4 u

Wishing@BTS_twt 's Jimin the happiest birthday! (art by onzze)

Wishing#Jimin  a very happy and HEALTHY birthday! #HappyJiminDay  #GetWellSoonJimin  AND we're wishing a get well soon also to #JUNGKOOK ! We miss all you guys! #BTS  onGMA #BTSonGMA 

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And also thank you so much to all my friends for wishing me the best

Wishing you a good morning from @BTS_twt 's Jungkook ?

We're wishing@JustinBieber  a happy 20th birthday with his 20 biggest @Billboard  hits:

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