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Watch | The Wire Business Report: Has India Hit The Worst Economic Patch In Its History? With @MitaliLive  via @thewire_in 

@MitaliLive  delves into the history of the telecom sector in India and what its future could look like with @BKSyngal , who once headed VSNL | The Wire Business Report via @thewire_in 

'Private Telecom Has Created This Mess For Themselves' says B.K. Syngal, 'father' of internet and data services in India, tells @MitaliLive  in a highly informative episode of The Wire Business Report via @thewire_in 

If you want to understand the economic slowdown, @MitaliLive , The Wire's Consulting Business Editor, explains the factors leading to this crisis and asks why the govt is turning a blind eye | The Wire Business Report |