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8/ We can’t keep dodging these bullets forever. I do wonder if distributed power helps; local sources like wind and (ironically) solar. The less electricity flowing through power lines the better. Storms add juice to power lines, overloading them. Reducing the load helps.

An @Orsted  offshore wind farm could power the U.K.'s first green hydrogen project.

1st question on climate: "Las Vegas and Reno are two of the fastest-warming cities in the country," a moderator says. What would Biden do ab it? "What I would do is work on providing a way to transmit wind & solar power across the energy network," he said, and invest in batteries

Though the American public generally approves of wind and solar power, the land usage questions that come with this kind of energy complicates the picture. @samanthaenergy  explains. #DemDebate 

Another example: This little project in Scotland, where they have so much wind on the system now, they can turn a hydro plant turbine off, and reserve it for system services. Betcha exactly zero energy analysts had that in their future power mix models.

The campus will use solar, wind and even hydro power as it works toward a goal of achieving carbon neutrality no later than 2030.

Farming and hard work are often synonymous. According to a recent article from @AberdeenNews , in these uncertain times that farmers and ranchers are facing, some who reside in the country’s wind belt have found a new crop to sell – #wind . #windpowerpower 

$916 #China  Longyuan Power Group-H ... Regional Morning Notes - Tuesday, October 29, 2019: GREATER CHINA Results China Longyuan Power (916 HK/BUY/HK$4.26/Target: HK$5.75): 9M19: Low wind resources persist. Chongqing Rural and Commercial… #equity  #stocks 

"The wind power industry generally ranks among the best at recycling and repurposing their equipment among its energy peers … roughly 90 percent of all wind turbine material is recyclable.” @camillesuzanne  @roseyay_    @CSTribune 

The campus will use solar, wind and even hydro power as it works toward a goal of achieving carbon neutrality no later than 2030.


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Rich countries are ditching coal for natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear power. U.S. emissions fell 2.9%, or by 140 million tons, continuing the trend of the United States leading the world in total emissions decline since 2000.

If we wind up with Joe Biden running against Donald Trump, I say we put them both on stage and whichever one can reset the clock on a VCR after a power outage gets to be president.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "It just seems like every time you turn around, there's another thing. The president is saying wind power causes cancer. "I associate myself with the remarks of Chairman Grassley: It's an 'idiotic' statement."

They destroy everything: California’s large and heavily regulated public utilities prioritize wind and solar power, leaving little for powerline maintenance and upgrades. Blame Democrats, Not Climate Change, For California’s Fires, Blackouts

What’s worse? That the most powerful man in the world is too thick to understand how wind power works or that thousands of people in his crowd are just as thick and laugh along with his ‘joke’ about wind power?

Instead of a wall, we could build solar and wind farms, plus 2,000 miles of natural gas and water pipelines to power and supply water for farms and industry along the entire U.S.–Mexico border, creating a zone of opportunity for both countries. Crazy idea?

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#Barry will slowly move inland today and continue to produce the following hazards... -Life-threatening storm surge to coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi -Heavy rainfall and flash flooding -Strong wind and the threat for downed trees and power lines

This isn’t how wind power works, Mr. President. Here is your department with a good overview: . Hope next year’s presidential debates include more & questions than the 20 #climatechange6  deba #ClimateActionNowes  did (there were zero).

Electric cars create more pollution than new gas-powered cars. New engines are more efficient & power from electric plugs is still dependent on dead dinosaurs. Did libs think electric power is generated by wind from flapping wings of flying unicorns?

Solar surpasses gas and wind as the biggest source of new power in the U.S.

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