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Just for my lovatics, here's a sneak peek of my cover of "I Will Survive" from #AngryBirdsMovie!!
Who will survive? Tune in this Sunday at 9/8C for the MID-SEASON FINALE of #TWD.
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Who will survive? A new season of #The100 begins February 1 on The CW.
Bannon doesn’t think Trump will survive an impeachment vote, and I don’t think the country will survive without one
I honestly don't know how any of us will survive this season. #TeenWolf
Wait so there are no personal business deductions anymore after this tax bill? How will self employed people survive as self-employed people?
This is a tough 4th. Can I say for sure the country I love will survive the leader I hate? I cannot. OK, enuf gloom, go blow your hand off!
.@HillaryClinton lists litany of ways she plans to restrict gun rights. 2A will not survive a Hillary presidency. #Debate #BigLeagueTruth
The FCC’s new plan will create a future where only the largest Internet & cable, & telephone companies will survive while every start-up, small business, & new innovators are crowded out, & the voice of nonprofits and ordinary individuals are suppressed.
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