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RT @StormyDaniels : Fair. Although technically I didn't sleep with him. I was sadly wide awake and wishing it would end soon.

Bc then I wake up and get in The bed and be wide awake 😑😑😑

Wide awake since 4:15 am. I am reminded of 23 year old me, a new morning reporter in Maine, cursing at the producer of our 4:30 am newscast, insisting I didn’t need to be live at that hour because no one could possibly up that early and watching the news 🤭😑

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Help the devil winds have us wide awake 😳

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when I said “I hope you’re happy” I didn’t mean it, never thought you’d be so good at moving on, when I’m lying wide awake, you’re probably sleeping, and maybe what I’m thinking is wrong, but I want you to cry for me ?

Wide awake at half 7 in the morning ? it's not even funny

Just can't get back into the time zone !! Wide awake !

Absolutely wide awake! Not the tiniest bit tired and it's 5am! Gona havta sleep between shows! Haha

Went to sleep at 1am! was absolutely wrecked, woke up at 5:30 and now I'm wide awake! Jetlag is really nice to me !

It's only like 10 in New York , I'm still wide awake , Was a great week! And SNL was incredible

now thats how ya do it.waking up at 5:30 in the wide awake now..if ur goin to the show in atlanta tomorrow..ur in for a sick one