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somebody had a sign in the audience tonight that said "camila, why aren't your jokes as good as your spotify"
Stream #WHY on @Spotify to help unlock the official video BTS -->
hello world!!!! #why is out on @Spotify #NewMusicFriday Playlist go listen ♡
10 million @spotify streams on #why BONKERS THANK YOU 💚
#WHY just passed 25 million @spotify streams. Thank you! We’re not done yet, but here is BTS from the video shoot
Jesy, why so sad? Who's ready for the #LoveMeLikeYouVideo? LM HQ x
Listen on @Spotify now ▶️
Over 3 million @Spotify streams for #WHY! here's a little behind the scenes from WHY Photoshoot
#WHY just got added to #TodaysTopHits playlist on @Spotify!
Go hit play! 🖤
Who's tuning in to @TheGrammys later? Why not have a Grammy pre party of your own & stream Reflection on @spotify
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