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You know the statement is insane when the Washington Post actually calls a Dem out on it.

WHOA: WaPo Actually Fact Checks Kamala Harris’ Tax Refund Lie
Whoa. Judiciary Committee Dems are opening an investigation into Trump's declaration of national emergency.

They're calling on WH counsel and DOJ officials to testify on the Hill.

New letter from @RepJerryNadler:

As I noted, this is going downhill fast:
Whoa. These shutdown workers work for the FBI & TSA (not GOP or DNC). They signed up to protect us & work for America regardless of party: Trump claims without evidence that ‘most of the people not getting paid’ in partial government shutdown are Democrats
Whoa! Kylie Jenner's Instagram record may have just been overthrown by a beloved K-Pop star and fans are LIVING! #KaiOnInstagram —>
Whoa: says that Dems on the House Intel Committee wanted to bring Maria Butina and Paul Erickson in for questioning — but were told not to by House Republicans, who were worried about “tarnishing” the NRA and President Trump.
25 years old... Whoa. The Roaring Twenties has several meanings.
Whoa. France just launched and is offering grants of up to 1.5 million Euro for climate scientists to move there.
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