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"But as markets in the U.S., Asia and Europe tumbled, the White House offered no further details or explanation of Trump’s intentions. Instead, the president tweeted that he would be “responding to China’s Tariffs this afternoon.” @colvinj 

White House memo: During one news conference on his Asia trip, President Trump used the word “best” 9 times, “incredible” 16 times, “tremendous” 28 times and “great” or “greatest” 50 times. “We’re the hottest show in town,” he told reporters in Japan.

Why White House appeasement in Hong Kong to brutal authoritarians won't work. “If we don’t confront China’s movement toward dominance in Asia, eventually we’re looking at the possibility of war...or else a series of Munich agreements while we retreat.”

Asia stock mkts joined global equities surge after White House delayed tariffs on some Chinese imports and gave much-needed relief for mkts. But stocks off the highs after Chinese Jul activity data missed. Bonds steady w/US 10y yield at 1.67%. Euro <$1.12 ahead of German GDP data

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-The White House holds off on making a decision on Huawei -U.S. calls China a "thuggish regime" as Hong Kong feud escalates -China mulls a massive overhaul to its futures market What you need to know at the start of Asia's trading day

-Equity markets had smoother sailing thanks to White House and PBOC remarks -North Korea wants to hack your crypto account -China raises pressure on India's Kashmir decision What you need to know for Asia's trading day

US Embassy on reports that Mina Chang will be next US ambassador to PH: We’ve seen this claim. It is not true. In September 2018, the White House announced the president’s intent to nominate Mina Chang to be an Assistant Administrator of the USAID for the Bureau of Asia


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White House is trying to prepare for a summit with Kim Jong Un of which there is no comparable historical precedent with peak chaos at State and NSC, no SK ambassador or NK special representative, and State’s acting Asia director purportedly likely to be sidelined by Pompeo.

NEW tonight: The White House dumped its South Korean ambassador nominee, State's top North Korean expert resigned; the NSC's Asia director was on paternity leave for 2 weeks. One man swooped in to fill the vacuum: Trump. w/

“White House officials stressed that Pence had applauded only for the American team, but Asia experts said the vice president’s refusal to stand could be seen as disrespectful to the hosts”

Trump to visit China Nov 8-10 and meet President Xi Jinping as part of Asia tour, White House says. Follow us for updates.

White House military personnel removed amid investigation into contacts with foreign women during Trump’s Asia trip

Staffers Frantically Trying To Restore Chaos To White House Before Trump Returns From Asia Trip

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BREAKING: White House says Trump to address nation Monday night on strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia.

And seriously: the people who f—ed up the White House Easter Egg roll are asking America to follow them into war without allies in NE Asia

The White House is botching America's Asia policy, and Beijing can't believe its luck.