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Study shows DOJ prosecutions of white-collar criminals hit all-time low under Trump

Friday night owls. Study: DOJ prosecutions of white-collar criminals at all-time low

‘Disturbing’: Study shows DOJ prosecutions of white-collar criminals hit all-time low under Trump

Prosecutions of white-collar criminals fall to lowest level on record

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Yes, prison consultants exist—and specialize in preparing white-collar criminals for life behind bars (for a sizable fee, of course)

Crazy Eddie Memoirs: The latest numbers show that there are less prosecutions of white-collar criminals than when I was doing crime over 30 years ago when the economy was much smaller. The golden era of white-collar crime continues....

White-collar criminals are turning to 'jail etiquette' experts ahead of prison for the dos and don'ts of life behind bars | @lukemintz  🔓 This article is now free to read 👇

According to Fox News, the real victims aren’t Black or poor people who suffer police brutality and disproportionate sentencing, but white-collar financial criminals associated with Trump

Trump’s pardons of white-collar criminals resembles ‘kleptocracies’ in Afghanistan and elsewhere: corruption expert

Trump pardons prominent white-collar criminals


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Donald Trump has no problem pardoning white collar criminals. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Black and Brown Americans are sitting in jail because of marijuana convictions or because they can't afford bail. That injustice is what we're going to end.

"The President’s absolution of white-collar criminals who were his personal friends and associates is an exercise in authoritarianism," @JeffreyToobin  writes.

Nothing says Drain The Swamp like pardoning white collar criminals convicted of corrupting our political system.

RTE presenters of #LeadersDebate  + post-debate show obsessed with issue of criminality & criminal courts Of course the white collar criminals who bankrupted the nation never got so much as a mention 🤷‍♂️ #GE2020  #RTEbias  #rtept 

If Boris Johnson is serious about cracking down on the national crime crisis, then he should start with locking up bankers - Iceland sentenced 25 - who devastated the living standards of millions, as well as other white collar and rich criminals. That would be true justice.

Well hats off to Paul Manafort and Judge T.S. Ellis I guess: They've jump-started a conversation about why white collar criminals are treated differently than other law-breakers...

Trump promised to punish Wall Street for “getting away with murder.” He pledged to break up the big banks and force bankers to pay higher taxes. It was just another Trump con. Today, white-collar criminals and epic grifters are running the country.

Jeff Sessions is TOUGH ON CRIME* *except for white collar criminals