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trust me, ya won’t regret bringing the family this weekend.. whattaya say? Chee Chee’s game if you are!

Adam Lambert: Whattaya want from me? Us: You to stop by #TheProjectTV  desk tonight. @adamlambert : Sure! I'll be there! Well that was easy. See you tonight Adam!

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Whattaya know: No. 1 team in college basketball loses.

Whattaya know, another benefit of kale! BUT If you don't like kale, @drnigma  recommends 2 other veggies >>

Whattaya know, another benefit of kale! BUT If you don't like kale, @drnigma  recs 2 other veggies >>

No one is legally committing infanticide in America ? But hey “Guy” — your parents really thought out your name well “it’s a boy” whattaya gonna name him? Well, he’s a guy so ... ? anyway, if you REALLY wanna stop abortions then Support MANDATORY VASECTOMIES ??

My thoughts on everything. Whattaya mean, “Who cares?”?


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Check out this cloud trying to sneak into Burbank. Fuck you, buddy! Shove off! Whattaya think you’re going to try and make some shade? No way!

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TROLL: "Whattaya mean I can't spew bile on your page anymore? You HAVE to listen to MY opinions of YOU! It's my RIGHT!"??? Is it? ???

Whattaya say we take some time between periods and re-watch this @CarlHagelin  goal?

"Whattaya mean what is it? It's a sauce, for uh, sandwiches, or, um, salads. Look it's famous, just fuckin eat it."

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I bet old-timey pants that go up to your nipples are really comfy, & if we all did it together, none of us would odd! Whattaya say fellas?

@breckinmeyer : @GibsonDonalgbsn  well. Whattaya think of your precious Loki now, Filet Nathillion?” Your mom’s tweets don’t count.