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But will the kids love it? #WhatsEatingAmerica  Of course they do. Because kids will eat good food if it’s in front of them...

Now here is where the rules and society stack the deck AGAINST the American family #WhatsEatingAmerica 

Ahh yes, Florida. This story will really blow your mind. The appalling inequities are truly frightening #WhatsEatingAmerica 

I am a huge @adrien_fontes  fan... veteran, public servant, guitar player, a dad... my kind of guy #WhatsEatingAmerica 

I love this show... one of the most important hours of TV I’ve ever been involved with... #WhatsEatingAmerica 

Tune in to @msnbc  at 3:48 for a preview of tonight’s episode of #WhatsEatingAmerica  and some discussion around voter suppression...

Thanks for watching and see you next week for our Addiction episode @msnbc  @in2itivecontent  Is #WhatsEatingAmerica 

Tell me what topics you want to see us tackle in upcoming episodes of #WhatsEatingAmerica  ? We love your input

Tune in at 9am E 8am C to catch me talking climate change on @velshimsnbc  with @AliVelshi  @msnbc  #WhatsEatingAmerica 


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#WhatsEatingAmerica premiers tonight at 9PM on @MSNBC  - tune in for some @andrewzimmern  @chefjoseandres  magic!

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I’ve seen this part a hundred times and I’m still crying. God bless these amazing women who helped their neighbors #WhatsEatingAmerica 

These workers go down the same rows every day and grade the soil, yields and water. They are HIGHLY skilled #WhatsEatingAmerica 

I love this story on the Chesapeake Bay... My heart breaks every time I watch these brave and dedicated food workers #WhatsEatingAmerica