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Ryan asking US if #WhatDoYouMean  is his favorite @justinbieber  song... uhmmmm only you know, Ryan!!

Two Years Ago Today - @justinbieber  released his HIT single #WhatDoYouMean  ❤️?

#OnThisDay in 2015 - @justinbieber  released his track #WhatDoYouMean  ❤️ Tag a belieber!

#Endfest tickets before 8p! Be caller 99 when @STRAWBERRYradio  plays #WhatDoYouMean  by @justinbieber  tonight! 888-456-9970

Justin showing his dad @JeremyBieber  some twitter love earlier today!! #NowPlaying  #WhatDoYouMean  @justinbieber 

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#WhatDoYouMean@justinbieber  just earned his 8th Guinness World Record

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#whatdoyoumean lyric video with the legend my boy @ryansheckler .. watch til end ;) @vevo 

Finally!! get #whatdoyoumean  on @applemusic  now. Let's take it to the top!! Good to be back:)

It has always been about us. I love you. Here we go. #whatdoyoumean  #5  minutes #mybeliebers 

I'm overwhelmed, humbled, and grateful. I didn't know how you would all accept me. Thank you. #WhatDoYouMean  thank you.

you got the song & the lyric video. Now the #whatdoyoumean  music video comes out on @vevo  11pm est on sun after #VMAs