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The reporter Eric Eyre wrote “the story of a lifetime,” won a Pulitzer, and cracked open a public-health crisis that rocked not only West Virginia but the country as a whole. On Tuesday, he resigned from the paper where he had worked since 1998.

The Llandudno goats are even better with a West Side Story soundtrack. #Recap 

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It feels like the walls keep closing in on the residents of Two City Plaza, a 21-story condominium in downtown West Palm Beach, where the deadly coronavirus pandemic keeps tightening its stranglehold on perks and personal liberties once taken for granted.

“The governor is going to have blood on his hands when this is all said and done. And it’s the oldest story in West Virginia history. The people do all the work while the good ol’ boys in Charleston get rich off of us," says @WVCantWait .

#recap The Llandudno goats are even better with a West Side Story soundtrack.

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On both our east and west coasts, cruise ships remain a big story – and now we have new details out of Fremantle. @ElleMitta  with the latest. #7NEWS 

Want to help a West Seneca mom send care packages to her daughter in the @AirNatlGuard ? Here's the drop-off location info. I'll have another story at 6 @WGRZ :

North American stock indexes mostly flat at opening, but oil continues to climb in hopes of production cut. West Texas Intermediate up 10% to $27.38 US, while Western Canadian Select rises $2.67 to $11.46 after falling below $4 this week. Previous story:

I know we're in the midst of another huge crisis, but if you want to know how opioids ravaged the people of West Virginia, @EricEyre 's new book will tell you the story. You should buy it; my copy arrived this week.

Now that day has come. This week, Scribner is publishing “Death in Mud Lick: A Coal Country Fight Against the Drug Companies That Delivered the Opioid Epidemic.” The book is a story of pills sold and lives lost. Years ago, painkillers began flooding West Virginia.


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New polls show that most Americans—including four in five Republicans, more than a third of Democrats, and a majority of independents—believe the United States isn't doing enough to stop illegal immigration. This story and more in West Wing Reads:

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@RepSwalwell  tells story of his dad, a police chief, who was fired for writing parking tickets for the mayor and a few council members. "My dad believed no one was above the law and held firm. He lost his job and we packed up our little family and moved west."

BREAKING: President Trump has granted clemency to #AliceMarieJohnson  after meeting with West to talk about her case last week. This is her story and the video that started it all:

HIGH-RISE FIRE: A man is seen scaling down a 19-story apartment building after a fire in West Philadelphia.

It’s sad to realize that those dancing gangs in “West Side Story” could have just settled their differences through fighting.

Kanye West wants Danny McBride to play him in an original biopic. STORY:

...and West Virginia. The fact is the Fake News Russian collusion story, record Stock Market, border security, military strength, jobs.....

The parents of a teenager who took her own life as she believed she wouldn't be accepted as a gay Christian, have spoken exclusively to the BBC. Full story on Inside Out North West 7.30pm, BBC One, 24 September.

Thread: This story is worthy of more attention. A future WH aide, Darren Beattie, appeared on a panel w/ Peter Brimelow in 2016 and is now gone from the West Wing. Yet this isn't reported until Aug. 2018. Brimelow is a well-known white nationalist, as described by SPLC & others.

Arsenal’s last three Premier League away games: West Brom 3-1 Arsenal Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal Same old story.

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