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I nominate Prince Harry , Boris Johnson and Arsene Wenger ! Get involved ! Amazing charity !! #als
Congratulations on an incredible 22-year career at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, and best of luck for the rest of the season… apart from on your 60th game against us next Sunday 😉
Passion, respect and success- that is what Arsene Wenger is all about. Thank u for what you've done for us at @Arsenal and the football world. ⚽️ I'm grateful for everything you've taught me & all the trust you've put in me no matter how difficult the situation was.Merci Boss!
Arsene Wenger built the best teams that I played against in English Football .The 98 team was Amazing.The biggest compliment is that he played football that made us change the way we played against them. He now deserves the most incredible send off from all in the coming weeks.
WATCH: Rivals for 22 years, friends in the end 👊

Manchester United presented Arsene Wenger with a special award on his last trip to Old Trafford as Arsenal's manager.
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Poor ole wenger , he's done a great job over the years but the stubbornness needs to let up and he just needs to go .
BREAKING: Arsene Wenger to leave @Arsenal at the end of the season. #SSN
Ya could nearly put your house on it that wenger will complain for the 20th year in a row about how many fixtures there are over xmas
It's the end of an era...

22 years
1,235 games
716 wins
2,298 goals
1 Arsène Wenger

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We can confirm that the club has agreed a new contract with Arsène Wenger
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