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Fines and penalties against Wells Fargo Bank for their bad acts against their customers and others will not be dropped, as has incorrectly been reported, but will be pursued and, if anything, substantially increased. I will cut Regs but make penalties severe when caught cheating!
In just 9 years the CFPB has secured almost $12 billion in consumer relief for corporate wrongdoing, including $700 million from Citi and Bank of America, $100 million from Wells Fargo for opening millions of fake bank accounts, and $130 million owed to service members/veterans
How many people at Wells Fargo are going to jail? Zero. But if you smoke marijuana in this country, you get a criminal record.
I applaud Seattle for ending its relationship with Wells Fargo, which is invested in the Dakota Access pipeline.
BREAKING: Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal grows, bank now says 3.5 million accounts opened without customers' OK.
Wells Fargo has shown that almost a decade after the crash, fraud still appears to be the business model on Wall St.
Wells Fargo has shown that 7 years after the crash, fraud still appears to be the business model on Wall Street.
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BlackRock, JPMorgan, and Wells Fargo have invested in border wall construction, despite CEOs distancing themselves from Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric.
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