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Weird how I can suddenly hear a cough from a quarter mile away now.

#AllTheBrightPlaces stars Elle Fanning & Justice Smith@JusticetheSmith ) talked to us about tackling important themes in their new #Netflix  film: “Society wants to look at mental health as this weird, uncommon thing, and it’s so completely not uncommon”

Weird, but I guess that’s US politics. SuperPAC that is donating to @elizabethforma ⁩ campaign refuses to announce who its donors are. Warren had previously said SuperPACs were bad.

I truly will never understand why people take time out of their day... out of their life ..that they can’t gain back!!!! to go talk shit to people they don’t know on social media lol mad weird

Astronomers have detected the biggest explosion in space that’s ever been observed. To give a sense of the scale of this weird hole in space, you could fit 15 Milky Way galaxies in a row into it.

Miami is weird rn because it’s legit 65 and windy yet tourists don’t want to concede their swimsuits.

It's not Cardiff v Millwall, but it's a weird enough rivalry all the same

isn't it weird how saying, "you're thick as pig shit" turns out not to be an effective way to persuade people you are right.

Jason Segel Gets Weird in AMC's 'Dispatches From Elsewhere'

Jason Segel Gets Weird in AMC's 'Dispatches From Elsewhere'

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It’s super weird to me that has 54 MILLION followers and his tweets rarely get over 20 thousand retweets. He’s screaming into the wind. I bet this tweet gets more RT’s.

Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird

Still soooo excited for you to see the video for steal my girl !! It's pretty weird ...

Excuse me .. I got 10/10 in a spelling test once... for some weird reason autocorrect is f***ing me over

Hey everyone not long till our album is out so excited... Out this week is our good friends little mix it's called get weird check it out

Wow as if people think that weird photo going around is actually me lol think id rather tweet a full frontal than have people look at that

Woah there's some pretty weird shit going on ATM everyone just calm down and don't do anything stupid cuz u can't take it back