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BREAKING: S&P Futures plunge 2 ticks on weak industrial production numbers

Many of China's smaller lenders, about 4500 in all, having a torrid time. PBC/CBRC having to take seriously contagion risk, given interlinkages, connectivity, weak funding structure of liabilities. Plus struct econ slowdown , and $ funding risks to boot

Used to be that @CoryGardner ⁩ talked tough & acted weak. Now he’s not even talking tough He used to be a strong voice on North Korea— but when the President does Kim’s bidding in Asia @SenCoryGardner ⁩ is silent. He’s a cowardly accessory.

It’s been a weak wet season in South Florida and water managers are worried there may not be enough fish to feed wading birds as breeding season approaches.

US retail sales rose +0.3% m/m in October, after slipping -0.3% in September, putting them up +3.1% from a year ago - a moderate gain that’s neither particularly strong nor weak.

In a bid for reelection, Louisiana’s governor seeks to reverse weak turnout from black voters

Temperatures will continue to warm into the 30s, with a few lower 40s possible, through the weekend. A weak cold front will move across the region and looks to bring a light wintry mix to the area from late Saturday night through Sunday.

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Spain’s weak governments and a rising far-right mark not a return to the past but a new political era, writes @JeremyCliffe 


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So funny to watch Steve Kerr grovel and pander when asked a simple question about China. He chocked, and looks weak and pathetic. Don’t want him at the White House!

"I’d also want [my daughters] to know being a strong man includes being kind. That there’s nothing weak about kindness and compassion. There’s nothing weak about looking out for others." Thank you to President Obama for this powerful reminder.

It would be so easy to fix our weak and very stupid Democrat inspired immigration laws. In less than one hour, and then a vote, the problem would be solved. But the Dems don’t care about the crime, they don’t want any victory for Trump and the Republicans, even if good for USA!

Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!

Former Pres. Barack Obama at Elijah Cummings' funeral: "I tell my daughters...being a strong man includes being kind. That there's nothing weak about kindness and compassion. There's nothing weak about looking out for others."

If the Democrats don’t give us the votes to change our weak, ineffective and dangerous Immigration Laws, we must fight hard for these votes in the 2020 Election!

I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They are destroying the Democrat Party, but are weak & insecure people who can never destroy our great Nation!

The president is weak. And wrong. White supremacy is not a mental illness, and guns are a tool that white supremacists use to fulfill their hate.

Okay. Entertainment industry, time to stop using the phrases "Smart Strong Women" and "Strong Female Leads". There are no Weak Women'>Dumb Weak Women. A smart strong woman is just a WOMAN. Also? "Women" are not a TV trend -- we're half the planet.

Don't give a damn what anyone says: weak move by KD. You go to GSW, the team who beat you, when you're already on a title contender? Please!