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Video-conferencing has become part of life today as people work from home to stay away from #CoronaVirus  The @UN  has chosen Chinese tech giant Tencent's video-conferencing tools: -VooV Meeting -WeChat Work -AI-powered simultaneous interpretation for #UN75  anniversary events

Overseas Chinese look to WeChat for #COVID19  medical information, consultation. Eight doctors dispatched to Wuhan are using their spare time to reach out to the diaspora, and help them during this stressful time

Beijing Normal University will provide online psychological counseling for free for two years. #COVID19  patients, medics, people who lost their loved ones and those who suffer psychologically due to the #pandemic  can receive support via video and voice calls on WeChat.

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Tech firms are building platforms for Chinese doctors to share their experience in fighting #COVID19 . Tencent removed cap on number of members for a WeChat group so that medical workers from around the world can learn from experts' hard-earned experience

The WHO is teaming up with tech companies including Facebook, Giphy, Microsoft, Pinterest, Slack, Slow Ventures, TikTok, Twitter and WeChat, as well as scientists and experts from other industries, on the #BuildForCOVID19  global hackathon.

@avtar1_singh  moved from Beijing to Stuttgart in July 2019. He watched on WeChat as the coronavirus first infected his own country. Now he faces the pandemic at home.

MASK DONATION: Today, the "WeChat'>Vegas Gourmet WeChat Group" donated a total of 30,000 masks to UMC, 10,000 to Mountain View Hospital and 10,000 to Spring Valley Hospital.

Ren's post, "An official call to arms against Xi: The clown who insists on wearing the emperor’s new clothes," spread on Twitter and other foreign services (he has been banned from Wechat for years). 6/


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Coronavirus: Chinese messaging app WeChat censored virus content since 1 Jan

Things that didn’t exist when Lehman Brothers collapsed this day in 2008: Uber Instagram Bitcoin iPad Snapchat Apple Maps Angry Birds Kickstarter GoFundMe WhatsApp Apple Watch FB Messenger Candy Crush Pinterest Alexa Venmo WeWork WeChat Tinder Twitch Siri Square Stripe Slack

Things that didn't exist when JPMorgan bought Bear Stearns this day in 2008: Uber Instagram iPad Bitcoin Airbnb Snapchat Venmo App Store Kickstarter Angry Birds FB Messenger Lyft Alexa Apple Maps WhatsApp Google Chrome Pinterest Slack Candy Crush Tinder WeChat Find My iPhone

On December 30, Li Wenliang dropped a bombshell in his medical school alumni group on the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat: seven patients from a local seafood market had been diagnosed with a SARS-like illness and quarantined in his hospital.

In WeChat screenshots Li allegedly asks students to “actively report” the “situation to officials” whereby some Sheffield students identify as Taiwanese or Hong Kongers instead of Chinese, calling for it to be “corrected”.

A photo from Caixin reporter Ding Gang of Wuhan doctors paying respects to Li Wenliang. 100% of my WeChat feed, from dissident lawyers to Huawei employees, is raging over Li’s death. Haven’t seen China unified like this since the Wenzhou train crash.

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Censored by a Chinese tech giant? Canadians using WeChat app say they're being blocked

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Things that didn’t exist on New Year’s Eve 10 years ago: Uber Instagram Airbnb Apple Maps Lyft Snapchat Siri iPad Bitcoin Alexa WhatsApp WeChat Angry Birds Tinder FB Messenger Square Apple Watch Google Chrome Slack Kickstarter App Store Pinterest Venmo Candy Crush Find My iPhone

How long it took to reach 50m users: Airlines 64 years Automobiles 62 Telephone 50 Electricity 46 Credit cards 28 TV 22 ATMs 18 Computers 14 Mobile phones 12 Internet 7 Facebook 4 WeChat 1 Pokémon Go 19 days (via Visual Capitalist)