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The New Yorker
no journalist in the nation knows more about trump than the investigative reporter wayne barrett
No journalist in the nation knows more about Trump than the investigative reporter Wayne Barrett.
Joy Reid
cannot be said enough the ny fbi was a hotbed of clinton hatred and trumpism i interviewed the great journalis
Cannot be said enough: the NY FBI was a hotbed of Clinton hatred and Trumpism. I interviewed the great journalist Wayne Barrett before he died and he confirmed it.
Tommy Beer
we now have a look at the knicks likely rotation pg dennis smith jr elfrid payton frank ntilikina sg reggie bu
John Harwood
as many journalists have documented the late wayne barrett and decorated investigator david cay johnston most
“As many journalists have documented — the late Wayne Barrett and decorated investigator David Cay Johnston most deeply — Trump’s trail was blazed through one business after another notorious for corruption by organized crime”
The Daily Edge
rip wayne barrett who revealed how rudy once killed an investigation into trump for mob related money launderi
RIP Wayne Barrett, who revealed how Rudy once killed an investigation into Trump for mob-related money laundering
Tim O'Brien
yeah but no trump has been deeply reviewed throughout his career not consistently or constantly but with depth
Yeah but no, . Trump has been deeply reviewed throughout his career. Not consistently or constantly, but with depth. Starting with Wayne Barrett. The problem: Not everyone was read or absorbed what was already out there. His presidency simply focused attention.
Paddy Power
just wayne rooney slapping wwe wrestler wade barrett in manchester last night
Just Wayne Rooney slapping WWE wrestler Wade Barrett in Manchester last night:
Maggie Haberman
im saying not that trump is a rational actor but that reality will rationalize him it was clear all along how
"I’m saying, not that Trump is a rational actor, but that reality will rationalize him." It was clear all along how Trump as president would be. Read this Wayne Barrett interview from about a month before his death
Judd Legum
the alternative to keeping an open mind about trump as explained by wayne barrett i endorse this approach
The alternative to keeping an "open mind" about Trump, as explained by Wayne Barrett.

I endorse this approach.

Joy Reid
which brings us to wayne barrett s reporting on the trump giuliani fbi connection
Which brings us to Wayne Barrett's reporting on the Trump-Giuliani-FBI connection:
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