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It's official! HBO has ordered a Watchmen TV series!
We have entered a time of great spiritual darkness, and during this time, the spiritual leaders, who are watchmen, must be wide awake and alert. They must have their light ready, even while others sleep.
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Went around talking learning and informing residents, watchmen n workers about better ways to keep our society clean
Stunning @AFPphoto from French labour reform protests. Like something out of The Watchmen
.@JDMorgan says #Watchmen was ahead of its time: "I'm very proud of that movie" #RampagePremiere
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He drew Catwoman, Batman, Watchmen: Comic book artist Darwyn Cooke dies at 53, wife says.
HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series will reportedly see Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons play an older version of Ozymandias.
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