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WATCH: @SenatorCardin  calls out Senator Mitch McConnell for a “political stunt” on the Senate floor today: “Because it will not address the immediate needs of small businesses”

WATCH: Senator @ChrisVanHollen  tries to fight for our healthcare providers, testing, state and local governments, small businesses, and more. But Senator Mitch McConnell blocked it without explanation.

“You were in Mitch's bed …" Matthews said with a laugh. "Yeah," Marner said. "… with Mitch and waiting for me, and we were going to watch, like, a movie," Matthews continued. The movie? “Cars 3." via @NHLdotcom 

🖐 gold medals for Mitch Lark at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Watch the best from the 2018 Commonwealth Games on 7plus: @AusComGames 

@cenkuygur  and @AnaKasparian  discuss the unemployment spike: "We're in a lot of trouble and the question is, will be there a so-called phase 4 stimulus? That's actually a pretty hot button topic b/w Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell." Watch#tytlive :

Watch Mitch McConnell's condescending response to a woman reporter's legitimate questions about the Senate stimulus bill

Watch Mitch McConnell's condescending response to a woman reporter's legitimate questions about the Senate stimulus bill

Tune in! Meet Rep. Charles Booker, the man looking to unseat Sen. Mitch McConnell in November. Watch #RolandMartinUnfiltered  streaming on #Facebook  #Periscope  #YouTube 

Mitch McConnell drafts the biggest bail out bill in history without talking to anyone and then goes “Democrats are in the way...” We need to watch this “slush fund” Moscow! #GOPSlushFund 

WATCH LIVE: Sen. Mitch McConnell gives updates on coronavirus economic stimulus bill.


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Mitch McConnell has wasted four days in the middle of a pandemic. Now Republican Senators are using procedure to cover for him. @SenatorDurbin  is right – enough with the excuses. The Senate should do its job. Watch this exchange.

Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it

Early this morning, tried to pass a bill to guarantee military pay and death benefits in the . #TrumpShutdowncan  Leader Mitch McConnell'>Republ #TrumpShutdowncan  Leader Mitch McConnell: I object. WATCH:

WATCH: @SenatorDurbin  asks: Why isn’t the Senate moving legislation to secure our elections? A top Republican Senator admits: @senatemajldr  Mitch McConnell is blocking legislation to secure our elections.

With Mitch McConnell blocking pretty much every good idea in the book, taking back a Senate majority has never been more critical. @hickforco  can help us win one & will be a fantastic U.S. Senator. So watch his video and chip in a few bucks if you can.

Heading down to the Senate floor to call on Mitch McConnell to let us vote on legislation to re-open the government. Watch soon on C-SPAN 2.

WATCH: A group of House Democratic freshman walked out of the Capitol toward the offices of Mitch McConnell to demand that the Senate majority leader hold a vote on House-passed bills to reopen the government.

Watch: #KhizrKhan  asks Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to repudiate Trump. Tune in to @TheLastWord  for the interview

WATCH: On Friday night, Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill proposed fast-tracking a bill that would ensure military members were paid during the shutdown. That's when Mitch McConnell said "I object," hoping, as says, that the news media would forget about it. #LastWord