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This election is about all Americans. So, we cannot spend the next four months tearing our party apart, or we’re going to watch Donald Trump spend the next four years tearing our country apart.

Our country has suffered a great loss. We’ve lost a hero, a veteran of World War II, and one of the last remaining survivors of the USS Arizona and the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Watch my speech honoring this American hero, Donald Stratton. ⬇️

"They always say 'We need someone who can beat Donald Trump.' You know what they never do after that? Pull out the head to head polls with Donald Trump and show they're the ones to do it," @johniadarola  explained. Watch#tytlive :

"Bernie Sanders polls better in all of the states that you need to defeat Donald Trump than all of the candidates you're willing to prop up," @EmmaVigeland  criticizes the Democrats for choosing to self-destruct to block @BernieSanders  Watch#tytlive :


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OMG. What did we just watch? He blamed the anti-racism protesters. He likened George Washington to Robert E. Lee. Donald. Trump. Fuck. You.

I put together a short video list of 7 things you should know about Donald Trump and Iran - have a watch and share:

This is really strange. Donald Trump announces that he is "building a wall in Colorado, a really big one, that you can't get over, you can't get under." But Colorado has no border with Mexico. WATCH THE PRESENTER'S REACTION!

....agencies, not just the FBI & DOJ, now the State Department to dig up dirt on him in the days leading up to the Election. Comey had conversations with Donald Trump, which I don’t believe were accurate...he leaked information (corrupt).” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch on

I'm heading to the House floor now to say something my Democrat colleagues hate to hear: Donald J. Trump is President. He is President today. He will be President tomorrow. And he will be President when this impeachment is over. Watch live here:

WATCH: @SenRonJohnson  is asked why he winced & brings up a "conspiracy theory." @chucktodd : "I have no idea why we're going here. ... Can we please answer the question I asked you instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better here that you're not criticizing him?" #MTP 

"Why All The Arguments Against Impeachment Are BS" - my latest short video essay for @theintercept  rebuts and debunks all of the Pelosi/Democratic arguments against impeaching Donald Trump. Watch:

The United States, Canada & Mexico just renegotiated NAFTA. To finalize it, they had a joint signing ceremony. Donald signed in the wrong place, everyone noticed & then things got awkward. Watch ⬇️⬇️⬇️

@SteveHiltonx  “The Democrats statements about Donald Trump are lies. Here are the Facts.” I will soon be posting the entire segment. Too much positive news, too many good things, to Tweet. PLEASE BE SURE TO WATCH! Thank you Steve Hilton for being a real pro and not being afraid!

#WATCH PM Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump take a lap around the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas. #HowdyModi