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Speaking to reporters, first Q is about Biden’s description of her as “elitist” and whether it’s ironic coming from someone who’s spent years in Washington. Warren: “I’m not here today to criticize other Democrats. I’m here to talk about why I’m running for President…"

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President Trump: "Democrats in Washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes and delusional witch hunts, which are going absolutely nowhere, don't worry about it."

@WFLAJB  @EvanDonovan  "I don't think the Democrats - or Republicans for that matter - are expecting anything earth-shattering or brand new to come out of testimony today. " ' #NexstarDCs  @Trevor_Reportsjoins  us from Washington ahead of the #ImpeachmentHearings  #NexstarNation 

McConnell: The American people know that many Washington Democrats have had their minds made up on impeachment for years. It was clear on Election Day 2016, and it became undeniable by Inauguration Day.

WASHINGTON — Republicans and Democrats in Congress set battle lines on Tuesday ahead of televised hearings on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, drawing a vow from the Democ…

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President Trump: "Democrats in Washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes and delusional witch hunts, which are going absolutely nowhere, don't worry about it."

Good morning! The Democrat’s battle to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump begins in Washington today. We’re asking a panel of experts what to expect from the proceedings, and what to listen out for as key witnesses take the stand. Listen at 8:37 a.m.:

In public hearings starting at 10 a.m. Washington time, Democrats on the Intelligence Committee will try to make the case that Trump committed “high crimes and misdemeanors."

Democrats' impeachment lawyer cut his teeth prosecuting mobsters, Wall Street cheats @DevlinBarrett  / Washington Post)

“Democrats in Washington want to erase these gains [for low-income workers] through an extreme policy of open borders, flooding the labor market, and driving down incomes for the poorest Americans. And driving crime through the roof.”


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@realDonaldTrump  and Republicans in Washington want you to think Democrats can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. But we’ve been fighting #ForThePeople  since Day One. The House-passed legislation piling up outside @senatemajldr  McConnell’s office proves it.

Washington Democrats have been engaged in a three-year-long impeachment parade in search of a rationale. Prominent House Democrats were promising impeachment at the very beginning of this presidency. Fairness and due process are not their objectives here.

The Washington Post is a Fact Checker only for the Democrats. For the Republicans, and for your all time favorite President, it is a Fake Fact Checker!

The Amazon Washington Post did a story that I brought racist attacks against the “Squad.” No, they brought racist attacks against our Nation. All I do is call them out for the horrible things they have said. The Democrats have become the Party of the Squad!

The Washington Post Story, about my speech in North Carolina and tweet, with its phony sources who do not exist, is Fake News. The only thing people were talking about is the record setting crowd and the tremendous enthusiasm, far greater than the Democrats. You’ll see in 2020!

Arrived back in Washington last night from a very emotional reopening of a major U.S. Steel plant in Granite City, Illinois, only to be greeted with the ridiculous news that the highly conflicted Robert Mueller and his gang of 13 Angry Democrats obviously cannot find Collusion...

Democrats campaigned on working within Washington and “getting things done!” How is that working out? #2020TAKEBACKTHEHOUSE 

...Hopefully the Senate will not leave Washington until our Ambassadors, Judges and the people who make Washington work are approved. The Democrats are Obstructing the process and we need these people approved for the good of our Country!

I’m in the White House, waiting. The Democrats are everywhere but Washington as people await their pay. They are having fun and not even talking!

Democrats should come back to Washington and work to end the Shutdown, while at the same time ending the horrible humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border. I am in the White House waiting for you!