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These people aren't real. They were made by machine learning algorithms for a game that pairs counterfeit pics with real ones. Unnerved? You should be: 📸: Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West/University of Washington; Philip Wang/thispersondoesnotexist[dot]com

We scoured the Internet to get an idea of some of the weirdest questions out there about impeachment. Washington correspondent Christal Hayes has the answers:

Into the fire: Boris Johnson's call for new 'Iran deal' show UK deep in 'Washington's camp' - prof (Op-ed) @BorisJohnson 

Take a peek at WesternWashington’s five priciest homes in 2019.

Happening Today: Free workouts, cooking demos, health screenings and more at the NBC4 Telemundo 44 Health and Fitness Expo. See you at the Washington Convention Center! #NBC4Expo  #Telemundo44Expo 

The recent snow in the mountains has helped with the snow water equivalent values across Washington. Generally speaking we are running ahead of the totals from last year at this time. Biggest improvements were over the southern 1/2 of the Cascades and Blue Mountains. #wawx 

NBA 🏀 Les résultats de la nuit Indiana 116 - 114 MinnesotaPhiladelphie 100 - 89 ChicagoToronto 140 - 111 Washington Memphis 113 - 109 Cleveland Oklahoma City 108 - 115 Miami San Antonio 120 - 121 Atlanta Dallas 120 - 112 Portland

Washington state lawmaker decries finding of investigation labeling him a 'domestic terrorist'

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Trump's proposed cuts to food stamps would affect: - 400,000 people in Texas - 328,000 in Florida - 225,000 in Pennsylvania - 176,000 in Washington State - 165,000 in Michigan - 118,000 in Wisconsin - 97,000 in GeorgiaPass it on.

What do these newspapers have in common? NY Times Washington Post USA Today LA Times Salt Lake Tribune Tampa Bay Times Orlando Sentinel Boston Globe NY Daily News Chicago Sun-Times Philadelphia Inquirer SF Chronicle Their editorial boards have all called for impeachment.

A Federal Judge is allowing the Nick Sandman libel suit to move forward against the thoroughly disgusting Washington Post (which is no longer available at the White House!). He could now have a good chance of winning. Go Nick!

A great crowd of tremendous Patriots this evening, all the way back to the Washington Monument! #SaluteToAmerica  US

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HOLD THE DATE! We will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C., on July 4th. It will be called “A Salute To America” and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!

I was just handed a 479-page tax bill a few hours before the vote. One page literally has hand scribbled policy changes on it that can’t be read. This is Washington, D.C. at its worst. Montanans deserve so much better.

The Washington Post'>Fake Washington Post keeps doing phony stories, with zero sources, that I am concerned with the Impeachment scam. I am not because I did nothing wrong. It is the other side, including Schiff and his made up story, that are concerned. Witch Hunt continues!

Just returned to Washington from France and the very successful G-7, only to find that the Fake News is still trying to perpetuate the phony story that I wanted to use Nuclear weapons to blow up hurricanes before they reach shore. This is so ridiculous, never happened!

The show was great thanks Washington !! :)

Hey Tomi, Washington Post shithole bureau chief here. Love your foreign affairs reporting. Did you know there are 8.7 million Americans living overseas? Can’t imagine why they would leave home.