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The whispered threat as a rhetorical mode in opposition to policy—nice country, shame if something happened to it—is a tell. Even when employed by those whose entire self-conception is as victims, (eg gun rights activists threatening civil war) it reveals the true power dynamic.

Ground War mode is playable now (hot mess in the beta). I’m getting Battlefield 4 vibes. It’s fun. As a result, I finally deleted Battlefield V. That game saddens me. The graphics are amazing and the mechanics are there, but it simply isn’t fun. And I adored Battlefield 1.

Investigative journalism becomes inevitable where Lies begin gaining deeper ground in a society! Pakistan was gradually catching up to that mode but war on ‘vox populi’ pushed investigative reporting into a blind alley. Sad. @pressfreedom  is trembling in Pakistan.

Get your first look at the highly-anticipated horde mode coming to World War Z and survive as long as you can against thousands of zombies when it arrives in Season 2.

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DEVELOPING On the stand, Markeith Loyd says he went into "war mode" and shot ex-girlfriend. Listen:

While taking the stand for the second day in a row, Markeith Loyd said on Tuesday that he went into "war mode" and shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon, saying he was the victim in all of this, reports @NewsWildman  Get the latest here:

IMF in cheery mode today as it slashes its global growth forecasts on trade war fears... We will be delving into this sort of thing in Trade Secrets - sign up here to read exciting trade analysis (no really) from Monday:

I’m concerned for the safety of Congress men & women, the whistleblower, and the others implicated in the complaint and those investigating it. There are those within the Trump base is in full civil war, burn it all down mode as of yesterday and it’s terrifying to read.

Chaos erupts in Modern Warfare's 32v32 Ground War mode. Play it in the free Open Beta through 9/23 (No PS Plus or pre-order required):

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Play the brand new GTA Online: Arena War mode, Buzzer BeaterEarn Double GTA$ & RP in the Arena War Series. Also, get up to 45% off a range of land and air vehicles, from the P-996 Lazer to the Pegassi Tempesta and more. Details:

Prepare for war. Here's your first screenshot of #ModernWarfare 's Multiplayer mode.

Prepare for war. Drop into the all-new, 50 v 50, Ground War Blackout mode. Available now on PS4, with other platforms to follow. #BlackOps4 

Indians should come out of denial mode & accept we’re living in war time,where there is no space for sports & entertainment.India should behave like a superpower and force etc to throw Pakistan out of all international tournaments. Choose between India and Pakistan.

The Resistance DLC arrives January 30, first on PlayStation 4. Three new Multiplayer maps, a War Mode operation, and the next chapter in Nazi Zombies. #CODWWII  Get the Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Edition to secure four DLC packs in 2018:

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Confirmed: God of War is getting a New Game+ mode, letting you replay the game with end-game armor and upgrades: #PlayStationE3 

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Rally together for retaliation. The Allies gain momentum in DLC Pack 3 for Call of Duty®: WWII – United Front. Experience three new Multiplayer maps, push across North Africa in a new War Mode mission, and join new heroes in a unique Nazi Zombies experience. #CODWWII 

Strike back against the machine. Featuring 3 all-new maps, the new War Mode'>Operation Husky War Mode mission, and the next chapter in the Nazi Zombies story, Call of Duty®: WWII - The War Machine DLC 2 Pack arrives first to PS4 on April 10. #CODWWII 

New War Mode. Fight together to victory. #CODWII  #MULTIPLAYER