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A CEO ended up featured in a Wall Street Journal story March 18 after her husband called from the bathroom for toilet paper as she was talking with a potential new partner.

Governors Learn on the Fly How to Pitch Trump for Coronavirus Help @catherine_lucey  / Wall Street Journal)

Here's an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal's weekend edition

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New York City Sees More Burglaries of Businesses Under Coronavirus Emergency Measures (Wall Street Journal)

How Coronavirus Is Breaking Down Along Familiar Political Lines (Wall Street Journal) PrnMdZBCE7

Pearl was the South Asia bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal when he was abducted in Karachi in January 2002 while researching a story about Islamist militants.


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The Wall Street Journal story on the China Deal is completely wrong, especially their statement on Tariffs. Fake News. They should find a better leaker!

Wall Street Journal: “More migrant families crossing into the U.S. illegally have been arrested in the first five months of the federal fiscal year than in any prior full year.” We are doing a great job at the border, but this is a National Emergency!

“Absolutely nothing” (on Russian Collusion). Kimberley Strassel, The Wall Street Journal. The Russian Collusion fabrication is the greatest Hoax in the history of American politics. The only Russian Collusion was with Hillary and the Democrats!

Great Editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal, “And Congress Shall Be King.” Bottom line: “The President becomes a vassal of King Congress. This is another reason for the Senate to repudiate this House Impeachment as its own abuse of power.” A partisan Hoax!

...a tool of anti-Trump political actors. This is unacceptable in a democracy and ought to alarm anyone who wants the FBI to be a nonpartisan enforcer of the law....The FBI wasn’t straight with Congress, as it hid most of these facts from investigators.” Wall Street Journal

“This would be the first Impeachment in American history without a specific criminal statute or crime that the president whose impeached would have allegedly committed.” Paul Gigot, The Wall Street Journal

“The record is quite remarkable. The President has faithfully followed the agenda he campaigned on in 2016. People should focus on the results, and they’re extraordinary!” James Freeman - Wall Street Journal