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The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle.
We’re wishing #MUFC legend Ryan Giggs all the best in his new role as Wales manager.
All excited to watch Wales v Fiji and then fall asleep on the couch before it even starts and miss it
delighted for Wales. What a hearty performance . Credit to Chris coleman for setting those boys up well , they knew what they were doing
great day today! Chilled in the garden all day in the sun! Watched England v wales !
You lot are funny you know,you love to take the piss out of me😂😂😂😂 about Wales manager😂😂😂😂
Wales V France ! Fantastic game of rugby.
Excited to announce us as a surprise guest at Coachella, we will be on the main stage in Cardiff, Wales, tonight at 8:30 see you there
BREAKING: Ryan Giggs named Wales manager. #SSN
thanks Cardiff, it's been a great few days ! love comin t Wales!

The land of the gods is comin soon on the tour! Ireland baby!
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