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"Things can be concentration camps without being Dachau or Auschwitz. Concentration camps in general have always been separate one group of people from another group." - Waitman Wade Beorn, Holocaust and genocide studies historian at the University of Virginia

Waitman Wade Beorn, a combat veteran of Iraq and a Holocaust and genocide studies historian, says Trump's interest in pardoning war criminals sends a message to people in the U.S. military that such behaviors are acceptable.

@adamscohen  Also — We're joined by veteran and historian Waitman Wade Beorn ( @waitmanb ), who says President Trump is wrong to want to pardon American military members convicted or accused of war crimes. Watch 8-9AM ET:

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Waitman Wade Beorn: I led a platoon in Iraq. Trump is wrong to pardon war criminals.

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"It doesn't just undermine the enforcement of military justice; it also sends a message to our armed forces about just what kind of conduct the United States takes seriously," writes Waitman Wade Beorn

I led a platoon in Iraq. Trump is wrong to pardon war criminals. (Waitman Wade Beorn / Washington Post)

Parallels lie in authoritarianism, racism, ethnic myths and dehumanizing language, not the Final Solution (Waitman Wade Beorn / Washington Post)