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Shaquille O’Neal talks about how his father influenced his view on education #WSJWhatsNow 

#WSJWhatsNow: U.S. stocks rallied despite data that the number of unemployed Americans surged to a record high

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing 2020 candidates to suspend public events and campaign from home #WSJWhatsNow 

Here’s a timeline of how the new coronavirus became a global pandemic #WSJWhatsNow 

Jonathan Van Ness, one the hosts of “Queer Eye,” reveals his favorite member of the Fab 5 #WSJWhatsNow 

#WSJWhatsNow: U.S. stocks keep rising on news that lawmakers reached an agreement on a $2 trillion stimulus package

Actress and comedian Maysoon Zayid talks about how a TED Talk changed her life #WSJWhatsNow 

“Queer Eye” host Antoni Porowski tells us the food trend he loves yet hates #WSJWhatsNow 

Godiva’s executive chef chocolatier talks about finding inspiration from daily life #WSJWhatsNow 


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NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal talks with @leehawkins  about his first investment #WSJWhatsNow 

Take a tour inside this radical triangular home in Greece that brings the outdoors inside #WSJWhatsNow 

Tour a $10 million home inspired by one family's love of "Star Trek" and "Harry Potter" #WSJWhatsNow 

Chocolate prices could rise now that the world’s largest cocoa producers are joining forces in a cartel #WSJWhatsNow 

A secret Google project gathers personal health data on millions of Americans#WSJWhatsNow 

Iran has denied U.S. accusations that it was behind attacks on Saudi oil facilities over the weekend #WSJWhatsNow 

As Hong Kong enters its 13th weekend of protests, police arrested several opposition figures #WSJWhatsNow 

Trump has renewed his attacks on the Fed, as his administration is weighing ways to boost the economy #WSJWhatsNow