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new NBC/WSJ poll: Trump receives net positive approval only from Americans whose education went no further than high school. net negative among those who attended college even for a time
Here's my interview in @WSJ it was @Harry_Styles who inspired the look!
Thank you!

“Trump’s Defining Speech”
WSJ Editorial:
Trump's mega-rant about how he is the smartest and best at everything, as WSJ tries to ask him about Bannon, must be read to be believed.
GOP now viewed more favorably than Dems, in Trump era (per NBC/WSJ poll) via @HotlineJosh:
NYT, WaPo and WSJ all have sources tonight saying the FBI did tell the FISA court in its warrant application that Steele was being backed by a political entity.,,
"Bayer AG has pledged to add U.S. jobs and investments after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, the latest in a string..." @WSJ
Remember, Trump sent these "gutter" tweets to distract from:

1) Health care stalled
2) WSJ story on Flynn
3) His bogus voter fraud panel
News outlets independently confirming that Mueller subpoenaed Deutsche Bank:


Fox News and Trump's attorney said it didn't happen.

Who do you believe?
John Bolton tops short list of candidates to succeed HR McMaster as National Security Adviser. In WSJ, Bolton argues for pre-emptive strike vs North Korea
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