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Here's my interview in @WSJ it was @Harry_Styles who inspired the look!
Kim Strassel of the WSJ just said, after reviewing the dumb Comey Memos, “you got to ask, what was the purpose of the Special Counsel? There’s no there there.” Dan Henninger of the WSJ said Memos would show that this would be one of the weakest obstruction cases ever brought!
“This is the best time EVER to look for a job.” James Freeman of WSJ.
e.g. something like this:
10.0 Hannity
9.9 Pence
9.2 Fox & Friends
8.8 Tucker Carlson
7.5 McConnell
7.0 Laura Ingram
6.8 Gingrich
6.7 Coulter
6.1 Joe Walsh
5.0 Paul Ryan
4.8 WSJ Edit Page
4.4 Ben Shapiro
3.6 Graham
2.6 McCain
1.4 Jeff Flake
0.1 Bret Stephens
0.0 Kasich
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“Trump’s Defining Speech”
WSJ Editorial:
Was a senior foreign policy official, worked in Afghanistan & MENA, wrote for WSJ, WaPo, Foreign Policy & others on int’l relations over course of 15 yrs, studied int’l law, did doctoral research in int’l relations & wrote a well-received bestseller on subject, thanks for asking.
NBC/WSJ poll: in swing House districts, knowing that a candidate supports Trump tax-cut bill makes voters LESS likely to back the candidate by a margin of 12 percentage points
GOP now viewed more favorably than Dems, in Trump era (per NBC/WSJ poll) via @HotlineJosh:
data point #1: in our latest NBC/WSJ poll, white men without college degrees approve Trump by 68%-29% margin. the rest of the country disapproves by 60%-38%.
new NBC/WSJ poll: Trump receives net positive approval only from Americans whose education went no further than high school. net negative among those who attended college even for a time
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