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Here's my interview in @WSJ it was @Harry_Styles who inspired the look!
Kavanaugh's unprecedented "explanation" (he didn't apologize) in the WSJ suggests Republicans are still worried about his nomination. The situation remains fluid. Our upcoming elections remain fluid. The ultimate history of this moment and the future, remains to be written.
The @WSJ reports Kavanaugh watched Ford’s testimony, contradicting his later testimony that he did not.
Kim Strassel of the WSJ just said, after reviewing the dumb Comey Memos, “you got to ask, what was the purpose of the Special Counsel? There’s no there there.” Dan Henninger of the WSJ said Memos would show that this would be one of the weakest obstruction cases ever brought!

9/16 - Whelan starts research after WP names Ford to WH pre-publication

9/17 - Kavanaugh suggests mistaken identity to Hatch, WSJ editorializes

9/18 - Whelan predicts Kavanaugh vindication

9/19 - Hatch flack: “keep eye on Ed’s tweets”

9/20 - Whelan names classmate
Turkish officials say Saudi operatives beat, drugged, killed and dismembered journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat in Istanbul, WSJ reports
in new NBC/WSJ poll, education effect among white voters is powerful

college degree moves white men to +4 D (from +42 R without degree)

college degree moves white women to +33 D (from +8 R without degree)
NBC/WSJ poll: GOP candidates, like Trump, rely on huge margins with a single group comprising just over one-fifth of electorate

non-college white men
66% R, 24% D

everyone else
55% D, 34% R
“This is the best time EVER to look for a job.” James Freeman of WSJ.
Full page Bumble ad in the WSJ.
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