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Amazon officially took over Whole Foods today, and prices have already dropped by as much as 43 percent
Amazon did not just buy Whole Foods grocery stores. It bought 431 upper-income, prime-location distribution nodes for everything it does.
I, too, spend $13.7 billion at Whole Foods.
Bought the lady behind me a juice at Whole Foods today for the @BystanderRev #1act Challenge. I challenge all of YOU!
BREAKING: Amazon is buying Whole Foods in $13.7B deal.
I would marry Whole Foods if I could
Yo @christinaperri - good seeing you in Whole Foods the other day...
Amazon bought Whole Foods, insuring farm to market to door to UPS to redelivery attempt to UPS to missed package to UPS back to market food!
So excited!!! My tea is in whole foods!!
SomeBODY once told me
My Whole Foods macaroni
Would be delivered by UPS
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