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Amazon did not just buy Whole Foods grocery stores. It bought 431 upper-income, prime-location distribution nodes for everything it does.
I, too, spend $13.7 billion at Whole Foods.
BREAKING: Amazon is buying Whole Foods in $13.7B deal.
Bought the lady behind me a juice at Whole Foods today for the @BystanderRev #1act Challenge. I challenge all of YOU!
Amazon bought Whole Foods, insuring farm to market to door to UPS to redelivery attempt to UPS to missed package to UPS back to market food!
I would marry Whole Foods if I could
SomeBODY once told me
My Whole Foods macaroni
Would be delivered by UPS
Yo @christinaperri - good seeing you in Whole Foods the other day...
So excited!!! My tea is in whole foods!!
Just crossed.

Amazon is buying WHOLE FOODS for $13,700,000,000.
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