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I’m calling on Kirstjen Nielsen to resign as Secretary of Homeland Security. Under her watch, our government has committed human rights abuses by breaking up families along the southern border. And she has ​failed to be accountable to and transparent with the American people.
To everyone who’s reading this... I see you. I know the world can be a dark place, but it's better with you in it. Help someone else today, and watch it come back to you.
if you wanna see the true character of person watch the way they treat someone who can't do anything for them.
Their Blood, Sweat, and Tears went into this tour. Watch @BTS_twt Burn The Stage now on YouTube Red! #BTSxYouTubeRed #BurnTheStageIsComing
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My supporters are the smartest, strongest, most hard working and most loyal that we have seen in our countries history. It is a beautiful thing to watch as we win elections and gather support from all over the country. As we get stronger, so does our country. Best numbers ever!
In my deepest, darkest post-partum depression, I would have personally never called a phone number. If John or my doctor never reached out, I would have never even known. It really can be a lonely hole. Watch the people you love and don’t be afraid to speak up.
So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN. They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have “begged” for this deal-looked like war would break out. Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!
Watch what happened when @BTS_twt, the global K-pop phenomenon, boarded a party bus with Vogue and took L.A. by storm.
NEW VIDEO! Watch #BTS take on @BrentRivera's challenge to try not to laugh!

@BTS_twt @bts_bighit #RDMA @radiodisney #YouKnowYouLoveThem #SoHappy #WhenTheBeatDrops #BTSARMYA
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What @BTS_twt is accomplishing is amazing! First K-pop group in the #Hot100 Top 10! I spent the day jammin to #FakeLove as I got ready for the @nbcagt premiere! The love I have for them & K-pop takin over the USA is real. Watch my homemade fierce music video scene & hair flip! #ARMY
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