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'The prime minister and his Brexit fanboys and the Vote Leave campaign have ignored and shafted Scotland' @IBlackfordSNPMP  tells @BorisJohnson '>MP @BorisJohnson  has negotiated a ba #BrexitDeal  for Scotland

Today is an important day for our country #SuperSaturday  Liberal Democrats are absolutely clear: we want to stop Brexit. We will not vote for Boris Johnson's deal - we will continue fighting for a People's Vote to stop Brexit. Back our campaign ⬇️

If any Brexit deal comes to the House of Commons, we will add an amendment for it to be put to you, in a People’s Vote. And then will we campaign to remain in the EU. This fight isn’t over.

THREAD: What are politicians doing behind the scenes to win your vote? 🤔 These explainers shed light on the campaign toolbox. Repeating the same message over + over is big. Here's how politicians use talking points 1/6 #CanadaVotes  #elxn43  @VassyKapelos 

In a statement, LeaveEU said: “We can end the Losers' Vote campaign in a single day - pass the deal and crush their plots!”

British politics are in turmoil as Boris Johnson tries to get his Brexit deal passed before the October 31 deadline to leave the EU. Revisit @anandMenon1 's essay on the campaign leading up to the Brexit vote in 2016:

Bombay HC rejects plea by Ramesh Kadam to campaign and vote during #MaharashtraAssemblyPolls . He was allowed by the HC earlier to file his nominations for the state assembly election.

Good morning! In these last few days before Canadians vote, we’re checking in with CBC reporters all over the country for a look behind the scenes of the campaign trail. @CBCKatie , Tom Parry, @HannahThibedeau  and @CBCtanya  join us at 8:37

My two sons are itching to be engaged in this fall’s campaign and frustrated that they can’t go to the ballot box themselves, so I’m giving them my vote, Heather Scoffield writes.

My two sons are itching to be engaged in this fall’s campaign and frustrated that they can’t go to the ballot box themselves, so I’m giving them my vote, Heather Scoffield writes.


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Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble. He is better off in Argentina. I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a state I love. She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. VOTE Katie!

We are all united by the same love of Country, the same devotion to family, and the same profound faith that America is blessed by the eternal grace of ALMIGHTY GOD! Bound by these convictions, we will campaign for every vote & we will WIN the Great State of NEW MEXICO in 2020!

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...This will be a great campaign issue. I never asked Mitch McConnell for a vote before the Election as has been incorrectly reported (as usual) in the , but only after the Election when we take back the House etc. Republicans will always support pre-existing conditions!

Why won’t @senatemajldr  McConnell let the Senate vote on any bills that will fix our broken campaign finance system or protect our elections from Russian interference?

Will be going to the Great State of West Virginia on Tuesday Night to campaign & do a Rally Speech for a hard working and spectacular person, A.G. Patrick Morrisey, who is running for the U.S. Senate. Patrick has great Energy & Stamina-I need his VOTE to MAGA. Total Endorsement!

Republicans want to fix DACA far more than the Democrats do. The Dems had all three branches of government back in 2008-2011, and they decided not to do anything about DACA. They only want to use it as a campaign issue. Vote Republican!

To Republicans absurdly obsessed w/Clinton today: She won popular vote but lost the election.Momentum for her campaign was continually slowed/reversed by Russian hacked emails&unprecedented election invasion.Are you going to stand w/Russia or protect our security moving forward?

35 days and counting until Election Day. Have you: → Registered to vote? → Phone banked? → Requested an absentee ballot (if necessary)? → Volunteered on a campaign? → Looked up your polling place? → Checked to see if your friends and family are registered to vote?

Audio leaked to reveals telling attendees at a closed-door campaign event that ’s voter turnout operation “continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote.” Read my report.