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Since Mulvaney later said he didn’t say what he said, the only other "smoking guns” would be: Sondland saying it was a QPQ, the transcript in which Trump asks for a favor, Volker acknowledging that ‘Burisma' meant investigating the Bidens, OMB officials resigning in protest...

Things GOP's own witnesses have said: Turley: July 25 call was "anything but perfect." Biden talk was "highly inappropriate." Volker: Allegations vs. Joe Biden "didn’t seem at all credible." Morrison: Sondland said investigations were "a condition of having the aid lifted."

Rick Perry: secretary of energy in the Trump administration. He led the U.S. presidential delegation to the inauguration of President Zelenskyy in May. Taylor placed him in the “irregular” policy channel, along with Sondland, Volker and Giuliani.

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Embattled Trump administration officials Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker were in attendance at the VIP opening of Art Basel Miami Beach today—sort of. The American diplomats make an appearance in a brand new painting by Jenny Holzer:

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Democrats also raise doubts about some VOLKER testimony. Volker said a call he set up between Rudy and the Ukrainians was "introductory." But phone records suggest it lasted *38 minutes.*

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Volker'>Kurt Volker actually spoke to POTUS. He had firsthand knowledge. His testimony EXONERATES Trump. Volker states he saw NO EVIDENCE of efforts to investigate Biden for political reasons or link that to military aid in Quid Pro QuoImpeachment is BASELESS

The committees' report includes a before-and-after graphic of the statement Giuliani, Sondland and Volker were pushing the Ukrainians to announce, with an addition of "Burisma" and "2016"

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It's the inside money bet that Rick Perry is the one who coined him, Volker and Sondland The Three Amigos, right?

U.S. judge weighs ordering State Dept. to release Volker, Sondland records about Ukraine

European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and former U.S. special envoy to Volker'>Ukraine Kurt Volker set off alarms among officials who described them as putting Trump’s political agenda over U.S. national security interests.


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Volker'>Ambassador Volker was our first witness, the Special Envoy to Ukraine. He gave the definitive account on the Trump Administration’s diplomacy with Ukraine. And he was very clear: “no linkage.” Interesting how that’s the one transcript the media doesn’t want to talk about.

WATCH —> Amb. Volker just took apart Democrats’ ENTIRE case. @RepMikeTurner : Did he ever say to you that he was not going to allow aid with the US to go to Ukraine unless there were investigations into Burisma, the Bidens or the 2016 election? VOLKER: No he did not.

Q: In no way shape or form... did you receive any indication whatsoever that resembled a quid pro quo. Is that correct?” Volker'>Ambassador Volker: “That’s correct.”

Calls & meetings: 7/25—Call between @POTUS  and Zelensky 7/26—Volker & Taylor meet Zelensky 8/27—John Bolton meets Zelensky 9/1—VP Pence meets Zelensky 9/5—Sens. Johnson & Murphy meet Zelensky Not one mention of linking dollars to investigation of the Bidens. 9/11—Aid released

Really? Suddenly a staffer for a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense remembers an email saying Ukraine inquired about assistance in July. MEANWHILE Ambassador Volker and Ambassador Taylor both testified that Ukraine didn’t know aid was delayed until the end of August.

Impeachment inquiry hearings next week: Tuesday morning: Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindman Tuesday afternoon: Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison Wednesday morning: Gordon Sondland Wednesday afternoon: Laura Cooper and David Hale Thursday: Fiona Hill More details to come.

My Republican colleagues argue that aid is held up all the time, for all sorts of reasons. I asked Volker and Morrison if they had ever seen military aid withheld because a president wanted investigations into a political rival. Volker: "No, I have not seen that" Morrison: "No"

The facts we learned today from Volker'>Ambassador Volker undercut the salacious narrative that @RepAdamSchiff  is using to sell his impeachment ambitions. We hope the American people get to read the transcript of today’s testimony and see the truth.

Republicans have requested a list of witnesses for the impeachment hearings (alphabetical order): -Devon Archer -Hunter Biden -Alexandra Chalupa -David Hale -Tim Morrison -Nellie Ohr -Amb. Volker -The “Whistleblower” & their sources Will @RepAdamSchiff  permit them to testify?

Thank you to Volker'>Kurt Volker, U.S. Envoy to Ukraine, who said in his Congressional Testimony, just released, “You asked what conversations did I have about that quid pro quo, et cetra. NONE, because I didn’t know there was a quid pro quo.” Witch Hunt!