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Vladimir Yakunin, the man behind Rhodes, is a close associate of Putin's and previously ran Russian Railways, one of the country's most powerful companies. He has also associated with anti-LGBT groups and far-right politicians to push an extreme socially conservative agenda.

Now matter how much Vladimir Yakunin, a former KGB general and Putin buddy with billions of dubious dollars, tries to clean up his résumé, it just won’t wash

Vladimir Yakunin, the Putin ally Canada refused to sanction in 2014, says it’s “bizarre” his name has been added now. My report

Vladimir Yakunin, longtime Putin confidante and backer of Russian Orthodox and anti-LGBT causes, has been invited to an EU-funded conference in Brussels an scoop

Vladimir Yakunin, a former Russian official with close ties to Vladimir Putin who was put on a US sanctions list in 2014, is set to speak at a conference funded by the European Union

"A bad peace is better than a good war". Putin ally Vladimir Yakunin tells us that although US-Russia relations are the worst they've been for many years, President Putin is keen to make them better, and there's lots they can work on together. #r4today 

“Are you an oligarch?” questions Putin confidant Vladimir Yakunin on the Skripals, Ukraine, the and Russia’s l #WorldCupadership  RU#r4today 

Today’s show will air an hour early, at 7pm CET. Still 11pm ET . Ola & Anna Rosling on “Factfulness,” which Bill Gates called “one of the most important books I’ve ever read.” Vladimir Yakunin on his book, “The Treacherous Path: An Insider’s Account of Modern Russia."

Tonight on #AmanpourPBS , Putin insider Vladimir Yakunin shares why thinks we’re on the border of a hot war with Russia. Then, and discuss their new book “Factfulness,” which seeks to show readers the world is not as bad a place as we may think.

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"The world is standing on the border of real hot war." - Putin confidant Vladimir Yakunin on what he thinks may happen next over Syria. Watch the full interview here: #newsnight 


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“How can we have the conversation if we can’t get you to even address the most basic known issue?” questions Putin confidant Vladimir Yakunin about the killing of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko#newsnight 

"The suspicions between the West and the East were not born yesterday" says Putin confidant Vladimir Yakunin#newsnight 

“I suppose now the world is standing on the border of real hot war” says Vladimir Yakunin#newsnight 

Ex Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin on how easy it is to get kicked out of the "Putin inner circle"

Vladimir Yakunin'>Oligarch Vladimir Yakunin quits Russia's railway monopoly, perhaps to spend more time fighting the "world oligarchy."

Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Yakunin on Putin, Russia's economy and more:

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