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"It is very strange... I am searching for - as we all should be as Americans - a plausible explanation for Donald Trump’s deep affinity for Vladimir Putin to the detriment of our national interest." - Fmr. National Security Advisor Susan Rice

After a deadly debacle in Syria, Vladimir Putin has put the Wagner Group in its place—but plenty of other private security firms remain, and they could pose a threat to security in Russia and beyond.

What’s to stop Trump from pulling the United States out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, offering up Taiwan to China’s President Xi, or handing over Estonia to Vladimir Putin?

On Putin, @matthewamiller : "People have always asked why is it the president seeks such favor with Vladimir Putin, why is it he constantly makes excuses for him. It was one of the questions we hoped would be answered by the Mueller report, it really wasn't." #AMRstaff 

Shorter Trump: people are asking a lot of questions about my fealty to Vladimir Putin that are clearly answered by my no collusion tshirt

Mikhail Gorbachev has sent Vladimir Putin mystery letter of advice on global affairs – reports #Gorbachev  #Putin 

Vladimir Putin must be laughing out loud at the bungling Donald Trump’s crazy mess in Syria: Pulitzer-prize winning reporter -


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So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors? Ok, sir. Show us the tax returns, your business interests, and let us know what you talk about with Vladimir Putin. Then we can talk transparency.

So did Trump just betray the Kurds because (a) He has business interests in Turkey (b) Erdogan, being a brutal autocrat, is his kind of guy (c) His boss Vladimir Putin told him to Remarkable that all three stories are perfectly plausible.

Rex Tillerson, a man who is “dumb as a rock” and totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be Secretary of State, made up a story (he got fired) that I was out-prepared by Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Hamburg, Germany. I don’t think Putin would agree. Look how the U.S. is doing!

Deroy Murdock, National Review: “We are now exporting oil, which is the first time in my lifetime - we are right now the largest producer of oil and gas. This is not good if you’re Vladimir Putin where your chief export is oil. W.H. Agent - Not good for Kremlin.”

New tonight: Given NYT has now made details on Russian spy public, I can now report additional info we had withheld. Asset had direct access to Vladimir Putin, including the remarkable ability to take photos of presidential documents, and had served US for more than a decade. 1/

From January 2017 to March 2019, only one person in the world was asked to meet separately with both Vladimir Putin and Robert Mueller. That person was @realDonaldTrump . He met with Putin six times. He never met with Mueller. #MuellerHearing 

Vladimir Putin didn't just attack American elections. It was an attack on the entire United States meant to undermine our democracy and national security. Seeing President Trump joke with Putin about this shows where the loyalties of the President of the United States really lie.

While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Sadly, it is not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy!

The list of things Donald Trump is too weak and frightened to criticize: 1. Vladimir Putin 2. White Supremacists 3. Neo-Nazis terrorists