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Republican Rep. Vito Barbieri questioned ‘why Planned Parenthood hasn’t been nuked off State Street.’

Rep. Vito Barbieri’s fellow lawmakers should be able to agree that such language is dangerous and has no place in the debate over abortion, writes the Idaho Statesman editorial board.

Rep. Vito Barbieri told a town hall he didn't know why Planned Parenthood "hasn't been nuked off" its Boise offices.

A Planned Parenthood official says comments like those made by Rep. Vito Barbieri can incite violence. #Abortion  #PlannedParenthood 

John Becker (OH) thinks ectopic pregnancies can be "reimplanted" in a uterus. Vito Barbieri (ID) said women can have gyn exams by swallowing a camera. Dan Flynn (TX) believes abortion requires cutting into a uterus. Meet the men legislating your body.

CITY OF THE GODS, Vito Basso by wears jacket styl #BALMAINSS17d  by Anastasia Barbieri for Vogue Hommes

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Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri's head-scratching question wins him a female anatomy lesson

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Libs bring the hate to pro-life Idaho GOP State Rep. Vito Barbieri over abortion-pill question

Yes, yes Idaho Sen. Vito Barbieri! Women can swallow a camera for a pelvic exam. OMG. JUST OMG.